IACM 2019 Election for the Board of Directors

The International Association for Conflict Management has three (3) openings to be elected in this 2019 election cycle. One (1) opening for President-Elect, and two (2) openings for Director-at-Large.

Per the amendments to the IACM Constitution that were passed by the membership at the July 2018 Annual Meeting, the President-Elect in 2019 will serve a one-year term as President-Elect, a two-year term upon ascending to Presidency upon the conclusion of the annual meeting in July 2020, and a one-year term as Past President. The Directors-at-Large will serve a three-year term beginning with the conclusion of the annual meeting in July 2019.

Below you will find our candidates’ bios and headshots. Voting will be conducted electronically (via SurveyMonkey email) from February 21st through March 8th. Ballots will be sent to all those listed with a current membership in our database as of 12:00am on February 21st. Memberships purchased within the voting window will not be included for the 2019 election cycle, but rather those members will have the opportunity to vote in the 2020 cycle.

Please contact Executive Director Brandon Charpied if you have any questions.

IACM 2019 Board of Director Nominees

You may click on any graphic to view a nominee’s bio. It will open in your browser in PDF format.