IACM Committee of Fellows


IACM is thrilled to announce a new initiative: The IACM Committee of Fellows. In an effort to “encourage the long-term contribution and involvement of our best scholars and practitioners in IACM, and to recognize these individuals” the IACM Board of Directors resolved to institute the IACM Committee of Fellows. Lifetime Achievement Award winners along with others who have been nominated by the committee will be invited to join. IACM President, Deborah Cai, believes “this new designation strengthens our association by bringing together many of our best scholars and practitioners to contribute knowledge and wisdom to the association over the long term, and it strengthens the reputation of the association by publicly recognizing those who have contributed outstanding research and practice through this designation. I am also hopeful that the role of IACM Fellows will encourage our best scholars and practitioners to continue their dedicated efforts to IACM”.


Some thoughts from the fellows:

“I’m deeply honored to be an inaugural Fellow of IACM. Being designated a Fellow is particularly prestigious since it recognizes scholarly contributions to a discipline throughout one’s career. I’m delighted that IACM has formed a Committee of Fellows and I feel a special privilege to be including in this group of superb scholars who have made significant research contributions to the study of conflict and negotiation.” Linda L. Putnam, Distinguished Research Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

“It is an honor to have been selected by the IACM Board as one of the first IACM Fellows.” Jeanne M. Brett, DeWitt W. Buchanan, Jr. Professor of Dispute Resolution and Negotiations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Please join IACM in welcoming and thanking the IACM Committee of Fellows members: Bruce Barry, Jeanne Brett, Peter Carnevale, Donald Conlon, William (Bill) Donohue, Dan Druckman, Ray Friedman, Barbara Gray, Herbert Kelman, Roy Lewicki, Mara Olekalns, Dean Pruitt, Linda Putnam, Evert Van de Vliert, James Wall, Laurie Weingart, and William Zartman.

Also, keep an eye out for the Fellows Forum at the annual IACM conference in which the Fellows will address a topic related to the “State of Conflict and Negotiation Research and Practice”.