vIACM Session Registration Information

Virtual IACM 2020
Session Registration Information
July 12 – 15, 2020

Session Pre-Registration

  • We will be using Zoom for pre-registration purposes through our conference programs (linked below).
  • You must register for each session you anticipate participating in (presenters and attendees alike) at least 15 minutes prior to the session starting.
    • You will receive an email with a unique Zoom link for the session about 5-10 minutes prior to the session starting. Do NOT share this link.
    • We encourage you to look over the conference schedule during the week prior to the conference.
    • You may register for multiple sessions in the same time slot if you are unsure of which you desire to attend.
    • Registering for a session does not mean you have to actually attend the session. It simply provides you access to those sessions
    • It is imperative that you register for sessions using your FULL NAME – the name you registered with for vIACM


A Video Walkthrough for Pre-Registering with Zoom via the Conference Programs


Conference Program

  • You can view the full conference program through the three links below:
    • Full Conference Program – A grid style overview of the conference. Clicking on bold paper titles will bring you to the registration page (please right-click and open new tab to pre-register for efficiency). Clicking on the secondary paper title will bring you to the abstract and author page.
    • Interactive/Mobile App – This works on mobile and notebook/desktop systems alike. There is nothing to download and it operates directly from your browser. Clicking on a session title will present you with a sub-page that contains the Zoom registration link.
    • At-a-Glance Program – A bird’s eye view of the conference. There is no author or abstract information on this program, but clicking on the session title will bring you directly to the Zoom registration page.


Session Scheduling & Expectations

  • Sessions are assumed to be synchronous.
    • If pre-recording is necessary it will be allowed, but responsibilities and accountabilities are on the presenter. Should you opt to pre-record, the presenter must time the session appropriately, share the video while they are up to present, etc.
  • All sessions are scheduled in 90 minute blocks with 30 minute breaks between each time slot. The block is equally split amongst papers.
  • Presenters are expected to enter their session rooms approximately 10-minutes prior to the start to ensure there are no technical issues
  • Sessions must end on time. The room will shut-down automatically shortly after the session ends.
  • Conference Leads or a Session Chair assigned to your session will have Host/Co-Host abilities.


Attendee/Participant Expectations

  • Attendees must register with Zoom using the registration links prior to attending any sessions.
  • Attendees will be held in a waiting room until they can be cross-checked against our registration lists.
    • Any name that does not match our registration database will not be admitted.
    • Please make certain to have your FULL NAME (as indicated on your conference registration) correctly displayed prior to entering. Exceptions cannot be made for security reasons. First name or Last name only will not suffice. You will only be admitted if this is visible. Unknown phone numbers (if calling in) cannot be admitted.
  • Attendees are welcome to ‘browse’ sessions over the first few minutes; however, please be aware that upon entering any room, you may need to wait in the ‘waiting room/lobby’ until a member of the conference team can grant you access to the session.


Recording Sessions

  • IACM will record a select handful of sessions for members to view following the conference.
    • This list of to-be-recorded sessions will be distributed Friday, July 10th.
  • If you would like to request your session be considered to be recorded for future viewing, please email Executive Director Brandon Charpied at
    • In doing so, IACM reserves the right to host and disseminate the recording as a resource to its members and the community at-large.
    • Please note that a portion of our attendees reside around the globe and not all will be able to attend in real-time. Having your session recorded will give these individuals the opportunity to experience a greater portion of the conference than otherwise possible.
  • As in any conference environment (virtual or otherwise), please be aware that any attendee could utilize third-party software to record any session without awareness of other attendees. IACM strongly discourages this.