Presenter & Attendee Guidelines

The following information will be useful to both those presenting and those attending alike as you prepare for how sessions will occur and the flow. Our Program Chair, Greg Paul (, has continued to work tirelessly to ensure our conference program and the virtual conference experience are both tremendous.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, it is recommended that you review some of the excellent videos provided at this site:



All times listed in the program are set to Eastern (-4 UTC). Your respective online calendars should adjust the Zoom pre-registration files accordingly upon downloading.

There are five session types in our conference program – Full Papers, PDW, Symposia, Novel, and Discussion/Roundtable. As is customary, full papers are grouped into similar paper types and, as much as possible, by time zones. All sessions are slotted into 90-minute time blocks.

All presenters for all session types should arrive into their designated Zoom rooms (via link provided during the pre-registration process) 10-minutes prior to their sessions beginning for a brief walkthrough and to be provided Co-Hosting abilities (for screen sharing permissions).

Presenters will not need to concern themselves with attendees in the ‘waiting room.’ That will be handled as we check all names against conference registration lists prior to each session starting.

Zoom has a Chat feature that presenters and attendees alike will be able to utilize throughout the sessions. Feel free to communicate using the chat box so as to not disturb the presentation.



There are from three (3) to five (5) papers scheduled in each 90-minute time block. Presentations are to be divided up in equal parts amongst paper presentations. Time allotted to a presentation should include a presentation of the paper followed by the availability for a Q&A. Paper times should roughly be as follows, with some buffer time present to allow for transitions between presenters:


# of Papers

Time to Present








Full Paper sessions will not utilize breakout room capabilities. Presenters should be familiar with screen sharing capabilities in Zoom.

The order of papers presented will be as it is laid out in the conference program.



All such sessions will have the entirety of their 90-minute blocks available to them. Presenters should arrive 10-minutes prior to their session times in order to be provided Co-Host permissions for screen sharing abilities. If breakout room abilities are desired, please inform me upon accessing the room. While Zoom breakouts are extremely easy to use, it is highly recommended you practice with it prior to your session. Should you wish for engagement from the attendees during the session, please inform them of such so that they know they can unmute their mics.



If you are an attendee in a session, our Zoom settings will have your mic muted upon entry. Please leave the mic muted until the Q&A portion of each session. Attendees will be admitted prior to the start of the session, but after the presenters, thus there may be a period of time that you are held in the waiting room. Attendees will not be granted the ability to share screens.

We look forward to the many wonderful sessions on our conference program. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.