SIGNAL October 2017: A Letter from the President

Dear IACM,

It’s my pleasure to write to you as President of the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM). We’ve had a busy few months since our successful conference this past July in Berlin, Germany. And we’re working diligently on preparations for the upcoming conference in Philadelphia next summer.

Deborah A. Cai | President of IACM

I’m happy to announce a few important developments in IACM.

Most importantly, I want to introduce you to Brandon Charpied, who joined IACM as our new Executive Director in July. Brandon has an MBA degree and years of experience working with incorporated nonprofit academic and professional associations. Brandon has been an invaluable asset already, setting up new systems of operation along with our new IACM website ( We are so fortunate to have Brandon working with the Board of Directors, the entire leadership team, and our association.

If you haven’t already, I hope you will check out our new IACM website. The site includes several public pages—including information about Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (IACM’s official journal), conference information, and information about various aspects of IACM that should be available for anyone interested in the mission and activities of IACM—and soon there will be a member’s only section, which is still under construction.

We have reinstated membership dues. If you attended the July 2017 conference in Berlin, you will soon receive notice from Brandon of your membership being activated. Otherwise, you can renew your membership on the IACM website, or you can pay your dues when you register for the conference next spring. Dues are $60 for regular members and $40 for students, emeritus faculty, and retirees.

The Board of Directors will be holding its fall meeting very soon. We have a packed agenda, with a lot of progress to report and business to accomplish together.

And, as you see, SIGNAL is back up and running!

IACM celebrated its 30th anniversary this past summer. As with any organization, we’ve experienced a few challenges along the way. And we’ve come through them well. The dedication of so many people keeps the association going strong. And now, with Brandon’s tremendous help, we are on track for a great year and another exciting conference. I hope you plan now to join us in Philadelphia next July!

Thanks so much for being part of IACM.



Deborah A. Cai