NCMR Special Issue Call for Papers: Conceptual Review Articles

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
Special Issue Call for Papers

Conceptual Review Articles

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2018

Special Issue Editor:
Wendi Adair, University of Waterloo

The editorial team of the Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (NCMR) would like to invite authors to submit manuscripts for a special conceptual review issue. We are aiming for high-impact scholarly surveys of important research literatures that summarize recent research, provide integration of the literature, and highlight important directions for future inquiries. Fitting within the domain of NCMR topics might include reviews on negotiation and conflict management across levels, including, but not limited to, specific fields of negotiation (e.g., power, emotion, gender, culture, ethics), team negotiation, multiparty negotiation, and conflict studies (e.g. interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, and cross-cultural), across a range of domains including environmental conflict, peace studies, gender, family business conflict, crisis negotiations, and political negotiations, as well as across a variety of approaches, including face-to-face and representative negotiations, formal and informal third party intervention, mediation, and arbitration. The NCMR journal’s audience includes scholars and practitioners who study negotiation and conflict management in family, organizational, societal, and international settings.

Please submit your manuscript by February 1, 2018. Submit manuscripts online at: When submitting please be sure to click on the “Special Issue” submission link. Please carefully follow “author guidelines” when preparing your manuscript; for author guidelines and more information about submitting your manuscript go to: (ISSN)1750-4716

Please direct topic ideas and inquiries regarding this special issue on conceptual review articles to NCMR Editor-in-Chief Michael Gross at:

NCMR Editorial Team

Michael A. Gross, Editor, Colorado State University
Wendi Adair, Associate Editor, University of Waterloo
Eric Neuman, Associate Editor, Creighton University

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