IACM VSS: What Are Ombuds and Why Does Every Organization Need One? w/ Natalie Landau Gibson on June 14th

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IACM Virtual Seminar Speaker:  A Monthly Series on Conflict and Negotiation Research

What Are Ombuds and Why Does Every Organization Need One?
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Natalie Landau Gibson, UCLA
Moderator: Brandon Charpied, IACM Executive Director / Jacksonville University
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45 minutes


Wednesday June 14
8 AM  US Pacific
11 AM  US Eastern
5 PM  Amsterdam
11 PM  Singapore

Thursday June 15
1 AM  Melbourne


Topic: The role of the Ombudsman in the field of conflict resolution and conflict management is one that has deep roots and has significantly adapted and grown its presence all over the world. This virtual seminar will cover the history of the Ombuds profession, the foundational principles of practice, and an overview of its more modern evolution. While Ombuds programs exist in various forms in different countries and across sectors of society, the focus of this presentation will be on Organizational Ombuds in particular, how they practice within institutions in the United States, and the value that they add. Participants will also gain an understanding of how the International Association for Conflict Management has engaged with the Ombuds field, and what it means for the IACM community to have an ombuds available.


Bio: Natalie Landau Gibson is an Ombudsperson for the General Campus at the University of California, Los Angeles. With a particular interest in cross-cultural and interpersonal experiences, she enjoys working with people in conflict to create positive outcomes, and is excited to be working with the UCLA community. Natalie graduated with honors from Boston University with a BA in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, and from The American University School of International Service with an MA in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs, with concentrations in Human Rights, Social Justice, Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding. Prior to joining the Office of Ombuds Services at UCLA, Natalie worked as a Junior Associate Ombudsman in the Office of the Ombudsman at the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C. She is a member of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) and has professional certificates in Conflict Coaching and Diversity & Inclusion.

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