IACM 2023 Award Winners

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IACM 2023 Best Conference Paper

  • Paper: “A Transparency Statement Improves Community-Police Interactions”
  • Authors: Andrea Dittman, Kyle Dobson, and David Yeager

IACM 2023 Best Conference Paper, Student as First Author

  • Authors: Hannes Petrowsky (Student First Author), Lea Boecker, Yannik Escher, Marie-Lena Frech, Malte Friese, Brian Gunia, Alice Lee, Michael Schaerer, Martin Schweinsberg, Meikel Soliman, Roderick Swaab, Eve Troll, Marcel Weber, & David Loschelder
  • Paper: “A Threefold Meta-Analysis of Economic First-Offer Effects In Negotiations”

NCMR Article of the Year Award

iDecisionGames Negotiation and Conflict Management Technology Innovator Award

  • Winner: Andras Molnar
  • Technology: SMARTRIQS, an open-source platform enabling researchers to design large-scale online surveys that feature real-time interaction between participants

Outstanding Dissertation Award (Sponsored by Northwestern Kellogg DRRC)

  • Author: Ariella Kristal
  • Dissertation: “Essays on Precommitment”

Outstanding Publication Award (Two winners in 2023)

  • Authors: William W. Maddux, Jackson G. Lu, Salvatore J. Affinito, and Adam D. Galinsky
  • Paper: “Multicultural Experiences: A Systematic Review and New Theoretical Framework.”


  • Authors: Gerben A. van Kleef, Marc W. Heerdink, Arik Cheshin, Eftychia Stamkou, Florian Wanders, Lukas F. Koning, Xia Fang, and Oriane A. M. Georgeac 
  • Paper: “No guts, no glory? How risk-taking shapes dominance, prestige, and leadership endorsement.”

Early Career Award

  • Jennifer Dannals, Yale University

Inaugural Outstanding Mentor Award

  • Don Conlon, Michigan State University

Fellow Inductee

  • Peter Coleman, Columbia University

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Debra Shapiro, University of Maryland
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