IACM 2019 Program Update

Update from the Program Chair

Dear colleagues,

Brian Gunia, IACM 2019 Program Chair

Let me offer a warm, advance welcome to the 2019 IACM Conference in Dublin! I can promise you’ll find our time together fun and intellectually engaging. I can also promise you’ll see many of your friends and make many more, as our submission rate has increased 36%!

The deadline to complete reviews of conference submissions is 5pm U.S. Eastern Time on Friday, March 8. Keep an eye out for an email with decisions on acceptances later in March.

This increase in submissions, while exciting, also means that our conference schedule will continue to evolve for some time. And we’ll need to get creative with the format and location of certain sessions. Nevertheless, in the interest of facilitating your travel plans, we wanted to provide a draft schedule (PDF). Highlights of the 2019 conference include:

  • Connect & Collaborate Session (Sunday 2-5 pm), sponsored by Kellogg’s Dispute Resolution Research Center: A pre-conference opportunity to connect with peers and potential research collaborators, discuss career milestones and challenges with those who have recently experienced them, and engage with a panel of gurus. (Participants can attend any or all portions of this session, which will occur in sequence. Please see below for further information.) Immediately after the session, participants are invited to attend a reception (also sponsored by Kellogg’s Dispute Resolution Research Center).

  • Meet the Editors Session (Wednesday 10:30 am-12 pm): Current and past editors at several of our leading journals will discuss recent developments and future trends at these outlets, as well as answer participants’ questions. (Please see below for further information.)


  • Themed Lunches (Monday and Tuesday 12-1 pm): An opportunity to self-select into lunches with other attendees who share common interests.


  • Keynote Address (Monday 4:30-5:30 pm): Irish political commentator and TV personality Tommie Gorman, who knows and has interviewed many key figures on the front lines of the Irish peace process past and present, will share his experiences and learnings.


  • Social Activities: Many opportunities to socially engage with your peers at Irish pubs, on scavenger hunts, and at the world-renowned Guinness Storehouse. (For further information, please see the note below from Local Arrangements.)

In sum, you’ll leave this conference intellectually and socially satiated. Plus, you’ll leave with an IACM Conference T-shirt, back by popular demand. Please join me in Dublin!



Brian Gunia

Program Chair, 2019 IACM Conference


Further Information on Connect & Collaborate Session

Connect & Collaborate Pre-Conference Workshop for PhD Students and Junior Faculty: Sunday, July 7, 2019, 2-5 pm

This year, IACM will host a new pre-conference consortium for PhD students and junior faculty to connect with each other and with mid-career and senior scholars. During this half-day consortium, we will have two roundtable sessions. One will connect people with similar research interests to discuss burning research questions in those areas. Another will focus on questions about navigating careers (how to write a dissertation, get a job, manage the R&R process, develop mentor relationships). We will conclude with a panel of senior scholars who will answer questions about both research AND career strategies. We look forward to a wonderful day of connecting, collaborating, and helping to develop relationships that will form the backbone of IACM going into the future. Following the workshop, we will have an informal happy hour reception for participants and speakers.

Participating Mid-Career & Senior Scholars:

  • Bruce Barry
  • Katherine DeCelles
  • Bill Donohue
  • Dan Druckman
  • Barbara Gray
  • Lindred Greer
  • Brian Gunia
  • Astrid Holman
  • Maryam Kouchaki
  • Roy Lewicki
  • Linda Putnam
  • Maurice Schweitzer
  • Gerben van Kleef
  • Alison Wood-Brooks

This session is organized by Dan Druckman, Lindred Greer, and Zhaleh Semnani-Azad.

Further Information on Meet the Editors Session

Meet the Editors Session
Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 10:30 am- 12 pm

This symposium will bring together editors and associate editors at journals of interest to the IACM community. There will be two parts to the symposium:

    1. Editors’ panel where panelists will provide information about their respective journals based on questions that they have received in advance. Example questions include the direction of the journal in the next five years, journal’s review timeline, policy on good data practices, etc.


  1. Small group roundtable with editors where IACMers can get feedback on specific projects from the editors. Participants can seek feedback on a variety of topics, such as the research question, findings, or the project’s fit with the journal. To participate in this portion of the symposium, IACMers will sign up for a specific roundtable at the beginning of the conference and will come to the session ready to discuss a specific project.

Participating Editors:

  • Academy of Management Journal
    • Lindred Greer
    • Katherine DeCelles
  • Academy of Management Review
    • Peter Kim
  • Business Ethics Quarterly
    • Bruce Barry
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
    • Nir Halevy
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management Journal
    • Michael Gross
  • Management Science
    • Hillary Elfenbein
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
    • Scott Wiltermuth
    • Maurice Schweitzer

This session is organized by Nazli Bhatia.