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Thank you Noam. This is very helpful.



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> On 12 Mar 2020, at 18:52, Ebner, Noam <NoamEbner at creighton.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’m know we’re all following the news of closings and upcoming closings of educational institutions around the world, and their shifting of their teaching activities online, en-masse. Many of you must have received your marching orders on this front already.
> [In this line, I note my restraint in not discussing whether this is a good idea. Onwards.]
> After reading some of the announcements faculty have been sent, I wondered what might be helpful for faculty to learn just after reading such an announcement, or just having received a phone call or email from their dean’s office. Particularly, I pictured faculty who have not yet taught online, working in institutions that have not developed online practices, culture, and capacity. What are the first questions that leap to their minds?
> I sat down and banged out what I hope are, at least initial answers to those questions, framed (I hope) in clarifying and comforting tone. If, in my rush to get this out, I didn’t always succeed at one of those, my apologies. I may revise this document as the situation continues, and perhaps address some more specific issues that pertain to conflict, and negotiation teaching in particular. For now, I offer this document as a first read to any of you who have been asked/told (or, who expect to be asked/told) to quickly transition online.
> I know that many of you have some knowledge or some experience; you are far more likely to be successful in the swift transition! Forgive me for beginning with some ABC’s; perhaps you will find some helpful ideas here as well.
> Good luck and good health, y’all. We could all use some good news. And soon.
> Noam
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