[IACM List] Teaching Negotiation Online - Thanks for Joining our Q&A Sessions this week!

Niraj Kumar niraj at idecisiongames.com
Fri Mar 20 17:42:07 MDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to thank the 102 people (most from this list) who have joined our
Q&A sessions this week. We are doing daily (weekday and weekend) Q&A
sessions at noon EDT for the rest of the month
- to seamlessly onboard so many new users joining mid-semester,
- and brainstorm new features that that this community needs.

Signup for free at negotiateup.com with your iDG professor credentials. You
can also watch recorded versions of sessions from this week and see some
faculty only teaching workshops (for example one where Prof. Jeanne Brett
shows you how to teach Culture & Negotiation Online). I'm amazed by how
quickly this community is coming together to help each other and would love
to help in any way possible - several of you have already volunteered to do
sessions where you highlight what's worked well for you and even show
snippets of recorded videos of running your class online for the first time
- I'm setting those up and will also make those recordings available online
exclusively for faculty members.

If you want to make your life stress free, please join the 100+ professors
on this list who are using idecisiongames.com (iDG) - *I have waived all
iDG fees for any new professor impacted by the current situation AND I will
personally attend your zoom, bluejeans, other video conf classes to make
sure it goes smoothly if you're worried about teaching online! *

I wrote up a faq based on questions that I heard in a few Q&A sessions this

1a. How do I distribute confidential role instructions
Current Answer: Email all your students their role instructions or put them
onto your LMS and somehow segregate them by role and deal with changes
iDG: Automatic - you don't do anything. Students automatically get roles
when they join.

1b. How do I know whether students read the role instructions?
Current Answer: You don't
iDG: Automatic - you can see who has read their role-instructions in
real-time and more generally see how each student is progressing through
all stages (reading instructions, being paired up, answering
pre-negotiation surveys, negotiating etc) in real-time

2. How do I pair students up?
Current Answer: Manually do this in excel, then email everyone to let know
who they are negotiating with.
iDG: Automatic - with many advanced choices to accommodate any possible

3. How do I pair students up so that they don't get paired with someone
they previously negotiated with?
Current Answer: Manually do this in excel, then email everyone to let know
who they are negotiating with or use another software program like
GroupAssigner which you then manually send to students.
iDG: Automatic - you have to do nothing

4. How do I know if someone is absent?
Current Answer: Somehow reconcile the list in your video conferencing
software or LMS with the excel file that you use to pair people or wait for
someone to complain when they can't find their counterpart.
iDG: Automatic - students can either mark themselves absent if they know
they won't attend or you can click a button to "Mark everyone who is
offline absent"

5. What happens when 4 people are absent and they are all in different
Current Answer: Somehow figure out who's counterpart is absent and
re-assign groups and update all the rooms in zoom.
iDG: Automatic: We allow you to delay group formation until you need it so
the absent students automatically aren't paired with anyone

5. What happens when 1 person is absent
Current Answer: Somehow figure out who is absent and who should be doubled
up and manually move them to the correct zoom room.
iDG:  We display which group is missing a role because you already know who
is offline and so you can just click on that student and double them up in
a different group.

6a. How do students negotiate
Current Answer: Breakout rooms in zoom - Manually assign every student to a
room or upload a file with pre-assignments.
iDG answer: Automatic with controls on Video, Audio, Text.

6b. How do we create breakout rooms with roles, teams, clusters or some
subset of the class based on some other criteria
Current Answer: Breakout rooms in zoom - Manually, or pre-create multiple
files with the different scenarios you want.
iDG Answer: Automatic (in 2 weeks). We're creating a smartRoom feature.

6c. How do we do handle sidebar conversation in multi-party Negotiations
Current Answer:  Maybe share contact information with students in a group
or suggest that they private message in zoom and then initiate calls via a
different channel like cell, whatsapp, skype etc
iDG Answer: Automatic (in 2 weeks). We're creating a smartRoom feature.

7. How do I collect data from students?
Current Answer: Use Qualtrix or Google forms and then check for errors and
filter out errors and quickly download results and create graphs.
iDG Answer: Its automatic and customizable, and charts are automatic

8. How do I make my class interactive and keeps students engaged?
Current Answer: Use mentimeter, poll anywhere etc to keep your students
iDG Answer: Automatic - SmartPolls Feature (available Wednesday March
20th). Just speak your question, students pick their multiple-choice
answer, and you see charts instantly. Set them up in advance or use in

9. My class is asynchronous - how do I know if anyone is actually doing
Current Answer: You don't - but you could set something up manually to
check across the different tools you use and react to student emails.
iDG Answer: Its available in realtime on your professor dashboard and our
support team can answer all their questions.

10. How do we do X (The list goes on - the above are just a few of the
issues that occur in an online class)
Current Answer: Some complicated manual process
iDG Answer: Just let us know and we'll make it automatic if we don't

Finally, if you are interested in smartPolls or SmartBreakoutRooms, please
join the Q&A session on Wednesday, March 25th where we will showcase this
feature (after hearing your needs in an amazing brainstorming session this

If there's anything that I didn't answer or anything I can help with,
please feel free to reach out to me directly. I'm available anytime
including weekends.

Niraj Kumar
iDecisionGames.com and Negotiateup.com
Cell: 585.466.4725 (its usually on silent so better to email or skype)
Skype: nirajmobile
Email: niraj at idecisiongames.com
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