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I'd like to also offer another resource that over 100 people on this list
use - idecisiongames.com

I'm doing a  Demo/Q&A session on Monday, March 16th from 12pm-1pm Eastern
Time on how to teach online using iDG. Details are available at
can login with your iDecisionGames credentials at negotiateup.com
then enroll in the "Q&A on Teaching Negotiation Online" course. The link to
the zoom webinar is provided there).

If the time doesn't work for you, sign up in any case and you will
automatically get access to a video recording of the session.

And if you aren't an iDG user and are interested in trying it out, just
sign up for a free professor account at idecisiongames.com

If cost is a concern, I'm also willing to waive all iDG fees for the rest
of the semester for any professors who are using iDG for the first time so
that you don't have to worry about getting approvals in the middle of the

During the session, we will
1. Demo how to run a class with Zoom and integrate it with iDG.
2. Show you how you can setup stages on iDG to
- setup / automate the flow / sequence of your class activities online.
- assign reading material to students
- gather data in real-time from students,
- create sub-groups/pairings of students,
- have students conduct sub-group video meetings or role-plays
- display aggregate results and charts automatically.
- monitor the progress of your students across these stages in real-time
- run any simulations from our library (Negotiation, OB, Pricing, Econ, etc)
- upload your own exercise/simulations into our library
3. Answer your questions live.

If Monday noon EDT doesn't work for you, please fill out this
to request a different time slot. I'll be happy to spend as much time as
you need answering your questions so that you feel comfortable with
teaching online.

Please message me if you have any questions. Hope you are staying indoors
and safe!


On Fri, Mar 13, 2020 at 12:49 AM John Zeleznikow <John.Zeleznikow at vu.edu.au>

> Dear Noam
> Once again a marvellous contribution from someone who has so much
> experience and knowledge in online teaching.  Your work is greatly valued
> as seen in the number of downloads since its posting two days ago.
> In Australia. we have still not been badly effected - one of the
> advantages of living at the end of the world.  And fortunately, our
> government listens to medical expertise, unlike the situation in USA, where
> one day it is no worse than a minor flu, and the next day you ban all
> travel from Schengen countries - but allow travel from UK and Ireland,
> where things are pretty bad.
> Shabbat Shalom
> John
> John Zeleznikow
> Professor of Information Systems
> Laboratory of Decision Support and Dispute Management,
> College of Business, Victoria University
> 300 Flinders St., Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
> Mobile: 61.4.32 154 217
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> Home: 61.3.95053323
> E-mail: john.zeleznikow at vu.edu.au
> http://www.vu.edu.au/about-vu/our-people/john-zeleznikow
> https://www.vu.edu.au/about-us/academic-colleges/business/our-research-focus
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> Hi all,
> I’m know we’re all following the news of closings and upcoming closings of
> educational institutions around the world, and their shifting of their
> teaching activities online, en-masse. Many of you must have received your
> marching orders on this front already.
> [In this line, I note my restraint in not discussing whether this is a
> good idea. Onwards.]
> After reading some of the announcements faculty have been sent, I wondered
> what might be helpful for faculty to learn just after reading such an
> announcement, or just having received a phone call or email from their
> dean’s office. Particularly, I pictured faculty who have not yet taught
> online, working in institutions that have not developed online practices,
> culture, and capacity. What are the first questions that leap to their
> minds?
> I sat down and banged out what I hope are, at least initial answers to
> those questions, framed (I hope) in clarifying and comforting tone. If, in
> my rush to get this out, I didn’t always succeed at one of those, my
> apologies. I may revise this document as the situation continues, and
> perhaps address some more specific issues that pertain to conflict, and
> negotiation teaching in particular. For now, I offer *this document
> <https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3552124>* as a first
> read to any of you who have been asked/told (or, who expect to be
> asked/told) to quickly transition online.
> I know that many of you have some knowledge or some experience; you are
> far more likely to be successful in the swift transition! Forgive me for
> beginning with some ABC’s; perhaps you will find some helpful ideas here as
> well.
> Good luck and good health, y’all. We could all use some good news. And
> soon.
> Noam
> *Noam Ebner*
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> * - Star Wars and Conflict Resolution
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> Using Technology at the Traditional Mediation Table
> <https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=342109>- Strengthening
> Online Dispute Resolution Justice
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