[IACM] NCMR Special Issue Call for Papers: Negotiation and Conflict Management Research

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Negotiation and Conflict Management Research

Special Issue Call for Papers

Negotiation and Conflict Management in Entrepreneurial Ventures and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2018

Special Issue Editor:

Andrea Caputo, University of Lincoln (UK)

There is a general agreement that the creation, success, longevity, and survival of businesses, particularly the small and medium ones, are deeply linked to the effectiveness of the entrepreneurial decisions taken, internally (within the team) and externally (with the stakeholders). As a successful answer to today’s business environment, it is also important to understand how entrepreneurs deal with and negotiate the relationships with other stakeholders. Negotiating and managing conflicts are well established topics of interest in many fields, including management, psychology, sociology, and political science, to name a few. However, less is investigated about how entrepreneurs deals with conflicts and negotiation. Indeed, entrepreneurs, compared to non-entrepreneurs, face conditions of high uncertainty, ambiguity, time pressure, emotional intensity and high risk. These conditions apply when entrepreneurs negotiate or manage conflicts with their internal and external stakeholders.

We call for scholars to submit empirical, theoretical and review papers, addressing negotiation and conflict management in entrepreneurship and small business, including topics such as:

·       How entrepreneurs negotiate and the impact of negotiation and conflict management on the business

·       What are the conflict management and negotiation styles most appropriate in SMEs, family businesses and start-ups

·       How conflict related dynamics impact entrepreneurial intention, attitude and motivation

·       The role of emotions, trust and fairness in entrepreneurial negotiation and conflict management

·       The role of external consultants in conflicts affecting entrepreneurial ventures and SMEs

·       How intergenerational succession is negotiated and how intergenerational conflicts are managed

·       Work-family balance conflicts in entrepreneurial ventures and SMEs

·       The role of negotiation and conflict management in fostering creativity and innovation

·       The role and use of mediation in entrepreneurial ventures and SMEs

Please submit your manuscript at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ncmr (click on the Special Issue submission link). When preparing your manuscript, carefully follow author guidelines at:

http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/  10.1111/(ISSN)1750-4716.

Provisional timeline: Manuscript submission due: 15 May 2018; Initial decisions: 15 July 2018; First round revisions due: 15 November 2018; Final manuscript due: 15 February 2019; Expected publication in the issue of August 2019.

Please direct topic ideas and special issue inquiries to Andrea Caputo: acaputo at lincoln.ac.uk; contact Michael Gross, NCMR Editor-in-Chief, at cob_ncmr at mail.colostate.edu with inquiries about NCMR.

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