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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Scenarios for Labor Relations Dynamics

We examine complex labor relations negotiations in general, and in the specific context of France. Inspired by social identity theory and by the conflicts labor negotiators experience, we use a novel dynamic, hierarchical multiplex network model for interactions between labor relations actors and their effect on negotiation results. union members interact with each other at one multiplex level, and with their representatives who at a second level interact with management negotiators in a changing regulatory context. The model permits mapping of multiple interactions in time under different conditions. Parties can explore scenarios of expected results and develop negotiation strategies for them. We focus on labor relations in a major industrial company located in four European countries. Through interviews, surveys, and participatory observation of negotiations at the French site, we collected the data necessary to estimate the model parameters and generate scenarios of conflict trajectories and outcomes for this case.

Maria Koutsovoulou  |
ESCP Europe

Sanda Kaufman  |
Cleveland State University
United States

Miron Kaufman  |
Cleveland State University
United States


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