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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Insights from Cross-Cultural Research on Intractable Conflicts in Ireland and Israel

This novel session offers a unique opportunity to hear about insights on conflict and its management that come from collaborations among local scholars and visiting scholars who travel abroad to learn with them and through immersion in another country. The participants on this panel include a Fulbright scholar who studies media coverage of conflict and spent time in Dublin, Ireland and a Lady Davis Fellow who studied conflict at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Panelists also include the scholars they collaborated with in each location. This panel will discuss theoretical and research insights that resulted from their examination of intractable conflicts in each location as well as practical implications for international research collaborations.

Jessica Jameson  |
North Carolina State University
United States

Ifat Maoz  |
Hebrew University

Janice Barrett  |
Lasell College
United States

Patrick Kinsella  |


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