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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Moving the Spotlight: New Applications for Mediation Education and Practice

The presenters in this symposium have each been developing new approaches to mediation in classroom education, training, and/or practice. In their respective areas: mindfulness and communication; online dispute resolution; phenomenology; and conflict coaching, the presenters have moved the traditional (and somewhat static) spotlight of mediation education and practice to reveal new approaches and applications. The symposium will share these newly illuminated areas with participants, utilizing a variety of presentation formats, including interactive exercises. The symposium’s goal is to share these topics with participants, while providing them with techniques they can take with them for immediate application in education, training, or practice. In addition, we hope that the theme of ‘Moving the Spotlight’ will result in participants sharing their own examples of novel approaches or innovative work.

Jessica Jameson  |
North Carolina State University
United States

Noam Ebner  |
Creighton University
United States

Timea Tallodi  |
University of Essex
United Kingdom

Jennifer Parlamis  |
University of San Francisco
United States


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