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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Novel Session: Using the Arts in Conflict Management

Conflict management is widely understood to be both art and science, yet both the research and the conscientious application of “arts” approaches have lagged behind efforts to improve the “science” aspects of the field. We propose, in a “novel format” session, to offer participants strategies for incorporating approaches from arts theory and research into conflict management processes in organisations and communities. Our approach will include, first, an overview of theory relevant to incorporating arts-inspired approaches in negotiation and dispute engagement. This will be followed by a demonstration of selected approaches from our own and selected colleagues’ research and practice in using the arts in both conflict and training settings. We will then provide an experiential opportunity for participants to engage in some of the (shorter) prototypical activities in this domain; and finally, offer space for critical reflection, questions and dialogue.

Michelle LeBaron  |
University of British Columbia - Peter A. Allard School of Law

Nadja Alexander  |
Singapore Management University

Chris Honeyman  |
Convenor Conflict Management, Washington DC
United States

Sanda Kaufman  |
Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs
United States

Rena Sharon  |
University of British Columbia - School of Music


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