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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Negotiation via and with technology: Media Effects, AI, and beyond

This symposium captures the state-of-the-art with regards to the negotiation field’s research of negotiation via technology. This has largely focused on exploring and comparing ‘media effects’: How any given media affects negotiation processes carried out using it as a communication channel. The symposium explores these as well as methods for choosing between media platforms for negotiation. This is a a jump-off point for looking towards research on technology-assisted negotiation in the future, discussing a number of domains: Communication channels that have not yet had their media effects explored, the use of technology for decisionmaking and optimizing negotiation behavior and outcomes (rather than as an interparty communication channel), and opportunities for informing new industries developing negotiation-related software and hardware. Having mapped out the state of our knowledge, we hope to set the stage for the future, with the ambitious goal of drafting a new research agenda for this area of negotiation.

Noam Ebner  |
Creighton University
United States

Ingmar Geiger  |
Aalen University

Roy Lewicki  |
The Ohio State University
United States

Shira Mor  |


Jennifer Parlamis  |
University of San Fransisco
United States

Andrea Schneider  |
Marquette Universiry
United States


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