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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Green with envy: The mitigating role of trust on enviers’ post-negotiation cooperative behaviors

In a negotiation, envy arises as a result from an unfavorable social comparison between a negotiator and the counterpart (e.g., colleague). Although traditional models of envy have examined individuals’ self-image as the main underlying motive and reaction toward the envied counterpart, it has not considered alternatively considered whether the social relationship with the counterpart might also facilitate (i.e., moderate) future behaviors – factors critical to a successful negotiation. Across three studies we that demonstrate that envy decreased trust for the counterpart and negotiators exhibited lower post-negotiation cooperative behaviors. However, trust for the counterpart mitigated negotiators’ reaction to envy via in their post-negotiation cooperative behaviors. This research introduces a notable contribution to the existing literature the role of emotion and trust on post-negotiation behaviors, by demonstrating an alternative model in predicting harmful, costly behaviors.

Rachel Campagna  |
University of New Hampshire
United States


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