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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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Emotions in Conflict and Social Decision Making

Navigating social conflict is an inherently emotional endeavor. The divergent interests that lie at the heart of conflicts can give rise to intense emotions, which may in turn influence conflict development. Members of IACM have been at the forefront of scientific investigations of the role of emotions and moods in conflict, negotiation, and related forms of social decision making. By now, a burgeoning literature has emerged that documents how moods and emotions that may arise in the context of conflict and social decision making influence parties' cognitions and behaviors, and how such effects are modulated by individual and situational factors. Many important discoveries have been made, but important questions remain to be addressed. This symposium will showcase what we have learned from over thirty years of research, and highlight exciting new directions that promise to further advance the field.

Gerben van Kleef  |
University of Amsterdam

Gert-Jan Lelieveld  |
Leiden University

Smadar Cohen-Chen  |
University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Jonathan Gratch  |
University of Southern California
United States


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