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2019 International Association for Conflict Management Conference

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“Changing my Life, my Work – and the World?” ‐ Designing research for impact of postgraduate academic training in mediation, conflict resolution and negotiation

This novel format session is designed to introduce, discuss and develop further an evolving international research project on the multiple effects of university-based executive programs in the area of negotiation, mediation and conflict management. This session thus combines the presentation of two connected empirical studies with the exploration of future research design and potential research collaboration. In the first part of the session, the organizers (both academic directors of university executive master programs in mediation and conflict management) will present the findings of two studies on the impact of their programs on graduates, their work place and society. In the second part of the session, participants are invited to critically reflect on the presented studies and discuss why (and whether) impact studies are relevant, what to measure and how to best do so. In addition, the session will explore future collaborative research on the subject.

Lin Adrian  |
University of Copenhagen

Ulla Gläßer  |
Europa-Universität Viadrina


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