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Dear Colleagues,
Many of us are adjunct instructors in law schools, business schools and in
undergraduate programs, and others are regular faculty members.  As a
long-time teacher of dispute resolution subjects who also happens to teach
first-year Contracts at my law school,  I thought it important to send
clear messages to my students about the range of skills and insights that
lawyers should bring to the table, and to put litigation into a broader
perspective.  (This is especially important in the U.S.because the
traditional case method places heavy emphasis on appellate court decisions
and may leave students with the erroneous impression that extended
litigation is the primary approach to problem-solving.)

Prof. Lela Love and I co-wrote the "Dear 1L" piece linked below for a
symposium at Cardozo last winter.  It begins with a personal family story
about the potentially high cost of litigation..

Follow this link to download the article....

*Dear 1L: Five Guideposts for Your Future Professional Practice*

All my best,


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*Dear 1L: Five Guideposts for Your Future Professional Practice*

*"Negotiating Emancipation: The Lincoln Way" in Presidential Leadership
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