[IACM List] Call for Papers (Meta Analysis Emotions in Negotiations)

Tina Dudenhöffer t.dudenhoffer at uva.nl
Sat Jul 10 00:30:30 MDT 2021

Dear madame or sir,

For a meta-analysis on the effects of the discrete emotions of anger, happiness, disappointment, guilt, and sadness on negotiated outcomes, we are looking for unpublished manuscripts, theses, data, etc., which could be included in our data base.

In principle, every empirical study that includes information of displayed or perceived emotions during negotiation may be a candidate for inclusion in our meta-analysis. For coding, information on procedures, sample and experimental conditions would also be welcome.

If you had suitable material, we would be grateful if you got into contact with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in advance.

Thank you for your support and kind regards from The Netherlands and Germany,

Tina Dudenhöffer, Alfred Zerres, Anne Kranzbühler, and Joachim Hüffmeier
Contact: Tina Dudenhöffer (t.dudenhoffer at uva.nl<mailto:t.dudenhoffer at uva.nl>)
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