[IACM List] Tomorrow! Thu 3/17 Webinar: Conducting Negotiation and Mediation Simulations in Your Online-Transitioned Course

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Wed Mar 18 12:05:55 MDT 2020

Thu 3/17 Webinar: Conducting Negotiation and Mediation Simulations in Your Online-Transitioned Course

Hi all,

Sharon Press (Mitchell Hamline School of Law) and I (Creighton University) will be giving a live webinar providing guidance on conducting video-based simulations as part of the live, synchronous, real-time video-based classes that so many faculty have begun teaching in their recent transition online. Our focus is on simulation of negotiation, mediation, and related processes, in courses on conflict management and dispute resolution.

Focusing on Zoom, but with comments on other platforms as well, we will walk participants through the setup, conduct, and debriefing phases, of conducting simulations, with comments on teacher observation of simulation. In addition, we will make some suggestions for other forms of simulations and exercises that can be conducted online. Teachers might choose to employ some of these in order to improve their current classes; they might need to employ theme, if the effects of the global pandemic render the current pedagogical model of replicating classroom teaching online ineffective.

Finally, Sharon and I look forward to conducting the longest Q&A session in the history of conflict education, until the last of your questions about conducting simulations online are answered.

The webinar is sponsored and hosted by the American Bar Association’s Section on Dispute Resolution. We think them for arranging it, and for making it free and open to the public.

Given that most courses have transitioned online or are doing so next week, time is of the essence. The webinar will take place tomorrow, Thursday March 19th, at 2:00 pm US Eastern Time

Register here (free!): https://americanbar.zoom.us/s/662944903?pwd=K2ZEV1pNeG9wcnVvYlBzUG1pYTA0UT09 and you will immediately receive information for joining the session via Zoom or phone.

Feel free to share this with your colleagues.

See you inside!


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