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Godfrey Steele Godfrey.Steele at sta.uwi.edu
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Very sad and unexpected news for us in the Caribbean, and especially in Trinidad and Tobago, who knew Terri and worked and socialised with her.

Linda and I have very positive and fond memories of interacting with Terri at IACM through the years.

Thanks for keeping us informed, Jessica


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I am very saddened as well as shocked to learn of Terri’s passing!

A few years ago I enjoyed working with her (among others) as part of the Conflict Management Division’s Research Incubation Workshop; and I really enjoyed and appreciated Terri’s openness to all types of research-approaches for studying leadership-dynamics as well as her refreshing warmth and humor. I also always enjoyed seeing Terri’s photos posted on Facebook— usually in gorgeous settings enjoying her many research colleagues, students, and friends. We will miss you, Terri; and all remain better people as well as scholars for having known you.

Thanks, Jessica, for letting us know. Best wishes to all, Debra

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On Mar 5, 2020, at 9:28 AM, Jessica Jameson <jameson at ncsu.edu> wrote:

Hello friends,

Please forgive me for using this list for sad news, but I thought this was the most efficient way to get this message to many of our long-time members who knew Terri Lituchy, an IACM member who was local arrangements chair for our 2006 conference in Montreal. (Her LinkedIn profile is here<https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-terri-r-lituchy-3498945/>).

Terri had been a professor at Concordia University, but spent the last several years living in Pittsboro, NC to be close to her parents. Most recently she had been teaching in various adjunct roles in NC universities, including NC State, and continued her travels to Africa, Mexico and other locations sharing her research on leadership. She had been ill, but there was some complication and she apparently passed at her parents' home this past Tuesday.

If I see a more official announcement I will share. Best wishes to all.


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