[IACM List] Fulbright and PluriCourts research grant opportunities in Norway

David Churchman dchurchman at csudh.edu
Fri Jul 26 14:31:07 MDT 2019

This may be an opportunity of interest that I received in my email yesterday. I held the Fulbright described in 2017, wrote about it and others in Signal, and would be happy to answer questions about it.

Advanced International Studies at the Nobel Peace Institute: The Norwegian Nobel Institute Visiting Fellows Program, in collaboration with Fulbright, invites selected scholars to carry out advanced studies in the realm of international affairs. This grant has a different focus from year to year in accordance with the annual topic for the Visiting Fellows Program. The topic for 2021 will be "Peace and the Future of Multilateralism." Both specific and general approaches to disarmament and arms control, the societal conditions for peace, and ongoing peace processes are welcome. This grant is for 3 months that can begin anytime between February 1 and April 1: https://awards.cies.org/content/advanced-international-studies-nobel-institute-1

-          International Courts and Tribunals at PluriCourts-Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order (a Norwegian Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo): Research at PluriCourts concerns the origins of International Courts, how they function, and their effects. PluriCourts draws on these findings to assess them by principles of legitimacy, and develops plausible, sustainable models for each court and their interaction. The focus is on international courts and tribunals in human rights, trade, investment, criminal law, and the environment, by scholars in law, political science and philosophy. Grants are for 4-9 months:https://awards.cies.org/content/international-courts-and-tribunals-1

David Churchman
Emeritus Professor of Conflict Management
California State University

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