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IACM 2024

IACM 2024 Abstract Book

241 “How About You?”: The Effect of Reciprocity Request after Information Revealing in Negotiations
Han Li, Yanting Wang, Xiaode Ji

157 A cylinder model of communication behaviors in military investigative interviews: Motivational frame matching and interview outcomes
Mattias Sjöberg , Paul Taylor , Stacey Conchie

200 A Framework for Increasing Perspective-Taking in Conflictual Discussions
Charlotte Elisabeth Vaassen, Tijs van den Broek, Hillie Aaldering, Bianca Beersma

210 A Little Humor Goes a Long Way? The Influence of Humor on Concessions in One-Shot Online Negotiations
Emma Garnier, Melvyn Hamstra, Frieder Lempp, Martin Storm

189 A Paradox Lens on Morality in International Business
Eriselda Danaj, Joshua Keller

107 A Relational Theory of Workplace Microaggressions
Summer Jackson, Basima Tewfik

50 A Systematic Investigation of Age-Gender Intersectional Stereotypes and their Consequences
Angela Shakeri, Michael North

232 A Theory of Time-Based Discrimination in Evaluation
Chia-Jung Tsay, Curtis Chan, Erin Reid

185 A wolf in sheep’s clothing? The interplay of perceived social norms and threat in hierarchy-maintaining action tendencies towards disadvantaged groups
Nadine Knab, Melanie Steffens, Samer Halabi, Jaime Napier , Nadler Arie , Boaz Hameiri

54 Adaptation in the Context of Intercultural Negotiations
Mariusz Sikorski, Arnd Albrecht

190 Advancing Best Practices in Behavioral Interventions to Improve Moral Decision Making
Samuel Skowronek, Ilana Brody, Andrea Low, Daniel Effron, Jeremy Yip

197 Advancing Conflict Management Research Through the Lens of AI
Huiru (Evangeline) Yang, Kate Bezrukova, Ray Friedman, Jeanne Brett, Alfred Zerres, Jesse Spencer-Smith, Jaewoo Cho, Xuhui Zhan, James Hale, Eleanor Lin, Ian Wu, Kushal Chawla, Gale Lucas, Jonathan Gratch, Samuel Dahan, Terri Griffith, Vincent Rice, Chester Spell, Emily Grijalva, Yu Rong

238 All Play and No Work: Antecedents and Consequences of Pursuing a Calling Outside of Work
Chia-Jung Tsay, Otilia Obodaru

85 Americans harbor much more negative explicit sentiments toward younger than older adults
Stephane Francioli, Angela Shakeri, Michael North

22 Amicable Rivalry: Competitive Relationships that Increase Motivation Without Compromising Ethicality
Valentino Chai, Patricia Chen, Stephen Garcia, Benjamin Converse

141 An Experience Sampling Study on Everyday Experiences of Inequality
Charlene Chen, Jonathan Pow, Kelly Nault, Andy Yap

267 Artificial Intelligence (vs. career services) use is perceived differently for first-gen (vs. non-first-gen) students.
Sangah Bae

51 Authentic allyship? Unique threats and benefits of authenticity to allyship
Olivia Foster-Gimbel, Julianna Pillemer, L Taylor Phillips

228 Awe Enhances Racial Diversity in Professional Networks
Michael White, Rebecca Ponce de Leon, Modupe Akinola

177 Baluchiatn Armed Conflict: Chronology, Causes and Remdial Actions by Central Government
Muhammad K. Riaz

182 Behavioral Differences in the Creation of Value between Men and Women: an Exploration of Temporal Interaction Patterns in Integrative Negotiations
Shayda Shwan, Alfred Zerres, Tanja Hentschel

263 Beyond Face Value: Developing the Subjective Value Inventory for Chinese Negotiators
David Hunsaker, Alexander Keogh

148 Beyond the Negotiation Table: Decoding Strategic Moves in Cross-Cultural Settings
Sabrina Marx, Nina Weinmann, Markus Voeth

119 Biting off more than you can Chew at work: Developing the Culturally imposed ideals of Hard and Excessive Work (CHEW) scale
Hsuan-Che (Brad) Huang, Friedrich Götz, Lieke ten Brummelhuis

233 Bystander Intervention to Workplace Discrimination
Richard Burgess, Angelica Leigh, Mike Christian, Cagla Celik

273 Choice of contract approach under the lens of cultural theory
Maximiliano MARZETTI , Elena Poliakova, Calliope SUDBOROUGH

32 Choosing to Change Course: The Salience of Choice Increases Cognitive Flexibility and Reduces the Sunk-cost Bias
Kevin Nanakdewa, Shilpa Madan, Krishna Savani

198 Closing the Gender Pay Gap, One Household Chore at a Time: How Transparency Reduces Domestic Free Riding and Work-Family Conflict among Dual Earner Couples
Stephane Francioli, Catalina Enestrom, Katherine Zee

105 Colleagues that Work Together, Move Together: How Pre-Existing Relationships Between New Team Members Affect Individual and Team Performance
Emma Zhao, Catherine Shea, Siyuan Li

79 Collectivism Increases Income Inequality: Insights from a Mixed-method Analysis
Abhishek Sheetal, Yan Wang, Krishna Savani

253 Companion Animal Involvement and Its Impact on Employee’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Relationship Conflict at Work through Gratitude and Guilt
Elizabeth Stillwell, Wei Wang

208 Complexities in Navigating Inequality at the Workplace
Serenity Lee, Josephine Tan, Alexis Avery, Jacob Roberson, Stephanie Yu

140 Conflict and Cooperation in Community-based Wildlife Management in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Case Study of Ethiopia, Namibia, and Tanzania
Daniel Ogbaharya

169 Costly Distractions: Focusing on Individual Behavior Undermines Support for Systemic Reforms
David Hagmann, Yi-tsen Liao, Nick Chater, George Loewenstein

155 Creating and Teaching with Virtual Reality: A Very Rewarding Experience
Horacio Falcao, Anja MERZ, Alon Epstein

244 Cumulative Inequality Aversion
Daniela Goya-Tocchetto, David M. Munguia Gomez

192 Curvilinear morality: Moralized and amoralized attitudes predict empathy and perceived bias
Brian Lucas, Adam Waytz

Michalis Georgiou, Ellen Giebels, Miriam S. D. Oostinga, Remco Spithoven

111 Dehumanization’s Unique Impact on Support for Intergroup Violence: A Meta-Analytic, Cross-Cultural, and Experimental Investigation
Alexander Landry

265 Differentiating two loyalty motives
Gaoyuan Zhu, Angus Hildreth

26 Difficult Conversations as Self-Regulatory Conflicts
Yena Kim, Emma Levine, Laura Wallace, T. Bradford Bitterly, Nathan Lee, Karen Kim

Zhiying (Bella) Ren, Rebecca Schaumberg

224 Disagreement with a Smile: Multimodal Communication In Negotiation
Laura Wang, Arnab Sarker, Jared Curhan

209 Disclosure Dynamics: Exploring the Role of Relational Mobility in Workplace Trust Incidents
S. Arzu Wasti, Hwee Hoon Tan, Ashley C. Fulmer

174 Do women overestimate the extent to which they are underestimated?
Mana Saki, Marius van Dijke

60 East-West Differences in Feedback Intuitions
Yena Kim, Raye Zhu, Emma Levine, Thomas Talhelm, T. Bradford Bitterly

255 Effects of Hormonal Contraceptive Use on Women's Status-Relevant Decision-Making: A Multi-Study Investigation
Smrithi Prasad, Shivani Dayal

36 Embracing Silver Linings: Understanding When Menopause Facilitates Women’s Generative Behaviors at Work
Yu Tse Heng, Nitya Chawla, Wei Jee Ong, Abbie Oliver, Charmi Patel

164 Embracing the Conflict: Exploring the Interactive Effects of Passion and Guilt for Family on Organizational Outcomes among Female Entrepreneurs
Xiaode Ji, Han Li, Yanting Wang

133 Empowering Change: Unlocking Keys to Effective and Well-received Employee Voice in Organizations
Bruce Mei, Richard Larrick

52 Encouraging Bone Marrow Donation through Values Affirmation: A Field Experiment
L Taylor Phillips, Sean Malahy

187 enhancing scientific rigor and transparency in research
Maryam Kouchaki, Jennifer Dannals, Eric Uhlmann, Gerben van Kleef, Nazli Bhatia, Wilson Cyrus-Lai

278 Enhancing Your Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Course for Today's Diverse and Tech-Savvy Workplace
Holly Schroth

28 Envy Hampers Win-win Negotiations
Hong Zhang, Roman Trötschel, Peter Gollwitzer

Tamera Shaw, Enuma Anekwe-Desince, Arielle Lewis, Erika V. Hall

118 Expanding our Understanding of Third-Party Perceptions of Victims in the Workplace
Samantha Dodson, Rachael Goodwin, Sarah Jensen, Hsuan-Che "Brad" Huang, Ho Kwan Cheung, Kristina Diekmann, Jesse Graham, Morteza Dehghani, Xiaoyu Yin, Kylie Rochford, Daniel Skarlicki, Lynn Bowes-Sperry, Caren Goldberg

178 Exploring Antecedents to and Behavioral Consequences of White Privilege Awareness
Chade Darby, Sean Fath

270 Exploring the Interplay of Fixed-Pie Bias, Mental Models Convergence, and Time Pressure in Intercultural Negotiations
Elena Poliakova, Adrian BARRAGAN DIAZ, Leigh Anne Liu, Edward W. Miles, Wu Liu

272 Exploring the Strategic Use of Metaphors in Negotiation: Insights from Practicing Negotiators
Elena Poliakova, Frieder Lempp, Leigh Anne Liu

175 Expressing Forgiveness as a Prestige-oriented Strategy
Jin Wook Chang

170 Face Threats in Conflict Escalation: Politeness Theory versus Social Interactionist Theory
William Donohue, Daniel Druckman

47 Fake but Fit: The Effect of Presented Calling Orientation on Recruiter Perceptions
Kelly Nault, Winnie Jiang

121 Field and Experimental Evidence from ChatGPT on the Goldilocks (Curvilinear) Effect of AI on Human Creativity
Hsuan-Che (Brad) Huang

194 Fit In or Stand Out? The Effectiveness of Race-Based Impression Management Strategies in Salary Negotiations
Kathy Vo, Gabrielle Lopiano, Tosen Nwadei

75 Flattering Advice: Avoiding Disappointment as a Driver of Gender Discrimination
Amanda (Zaidan) Chen, David Hagmann

153 Force and Free Will: Re-Evaluating Influence Tactics in Terms of Their Underlying Power and Volitional Influence
Craig Lewis, Jen Overbeck, Michael Kirley

262 From Incentives to Conflict: Unraveling the Effects of Pay for Performance on Counterproductive Work Behavior
Yanting Wang, Li Ma, han li, xiaode ji

34 From Sustainability to Diversity: Sustainability Framing Increases Women’s Likelihood to Apply for Leadership Positions
MY NGUYEN, Michael Schaerer, Insiya Hussain

246 From Words to Walls: Deciphering Cultural Impact on Gender Bias in Job Descriptions
Wen Shan, Jovan Yu Quan Chew, Zhengkui Wang, Hannah Riley Bowles, Anurag Sharma, Aik Beng Ng, Simon See

62 Gender and the Decline of Leader-directed Help Seeking over Time
Judy Qiu, Selin Kesebir, Sun Young Lee

254 Gender Similarities and Differences in Everyday Negotiations
Katherine Sun, Jordi Quoidbach, Roderick Swaab , Michael Schaerer , Martin Schweinsberg , Eric Uhlmann

6 Gendered Complexity of providing sponsorship: How male and female sponsors’ goals shape their social network strategies
Elizabeth Lauren Campbell, Catherine T. Shea

116 Generational Dynamics in Negotiation - Examining the Behavioral Impact of Basic Human Values
Jacqueline Sube, Uta Herbst

237 Google-Nest Merger: Accessibility as a workplace shift
Theresa Klepper

275 Heroization and Exploitation of First-Gens
Shuang Wu, Peter Belmi

106 How do conservative ideologies influence humanization of organizations?
Vanessa Sa

19 How Do We Manage Difficult Conversations?
Einav Hart, Hannah Riley Bowles , Christine Q. Nguyen, Daniel R. Ames, Julia Minson, David Hagmann , Kara Luo, Zhiying (Bella) Ren, Rebecca Schaumberg, Ovul Sezer, Mary Ross, Salvatore Affinito, Bradley Staats

Santana Pathak, Leigh Anne Liu

168 How many people is good performance worth? Examining the tradeoff between uncertain task performance and subordinate failure
Ekin Ilseven, Kelly Nault

82 How Perceived Lack of Benevolence Harms Trust of AI Management
Mingyu Li, Thomas Bradford Bitterly

205 How Political Skill and Unknowingness Shape Shared Leadership’s Impact on Team Performance through Conflict
Paraskevi Psoni, Ilias Kapoutsis

127 How Punishment and Guilt Shape the Influence of Leader Anger on Leader Effectiveness Following Employee Transgressions
Matt Lupoli, Bo Shao, Nathan Eva

96 How to handle divided teams? Team faultlines, sense of powerlessness and autocratic leadership
KUN LUAN, Yu-xin Wang, Chu-ding Ling

191 I & We Feel – Measuring Collective Emotion: The 2023 Israeli-Palestinian War
Ido Zigdon, Dorit Efrat-Treister, Coby Morvinski

42 IACM Fellows Session: How is IACM relevant to the current state of the world?
Daniel Druckman, Deborah Cai

91 Impact of perceived overqualification on speaking up: Moderating role of employees’ perceived leader overqualification
Songbo Liu, Kairui Zhang, Wei Hu, Yifei Luo, Zihan Li

66 In The Eyes of The Beholders: Status Acuity Drives Recognition of Subtle Discrimination in Backhanded Compliments and Support for Affected Individuals
Siyu Yu, Huisi Li, Yufei Zhong, Dejun "Tony" Kong

259 In the Shadow of Self-Doubt: Investigating Impostor Syndrome's Impact on Unethical Behavior
McKenzie Rees, Alexander Keogh, Isaac Smith, Jeff Bednar

243 Intersectionality of the High-Skilled Professionals’ Retention Decisions: Evidence from H1B Records.
Xin Lucy Liu, Yihan Becca Wang, Michael Morris

93 Investigating the Paradoxical Effect of Digital Connectivity on Employee Creativity: Countervailing Pathways and a Boundary Condition
Yunqing Zou, Xin Chen, Chuding Ling

99 Is dealing with (other people’s) emotions a women’s skill? A meta-analytic investigation of the gendered nature of emotional intelligence
Vera Hampel, Mary Hausfeld

136 It's not Me, it's Them: Anticipating Discrimination by Others Causes Discrimination
Nicholas Calbraith Owsley

David Hunsaker, Teng Zhang

268 Know Thyself: The Impact of Cultural Frame Switching on Bicultural Individuals’ Self-Construal Perceptions
Patrick Lee

256 Latent Ally Opportunities: How Target Frame of Reference Affects Decision to Speak Up
Claire Malcomb, Elizabeth McClean, Chade Darby, Merrick Osborne

216 Leader communication during environmental shocks: Message translation and its impact on employee behaviour
Miriam Yates, Denise Lloyd

16 Leaders in Conflict and Crisis
Ifat Maoz, Meital Balmas, Nitzan Attias, Eran Halperin, Tsfira Grebelsky, Alexandra Shahwan , Rakefet Erlich Ron, Deborah Cai

171 Leaky Pipeline: Failing to Promote Women Does Not Harm Perceptions of Diversity Efforts
Yi-tsen Liao, David Hagmann, Catherine Tinsley

206 Learning Conflict and Negotiation Skills through training based on Analogical Encoding
Rocío López-Cabrera, Lara Barros Martins, Francisco J. Medina, Alicia Arenas, Lourdes Munduate

24 Left-Wing Whites are Uniquely Averse to Dominant Leaders
Krishnan Nair, marlon Mooijman, Maryam Kouchaki

214 Local and global status threat increase compensatory jargon use
Zachariah Brown, Adam Galinsky

274 Lost in Transition: Exploring the Link Between Moving Across Tight and Loose Cultures and Impostor Feelings
Alexander Keogh, Steve Moody, Jeff Bednar

276 Loyalty increases perceptions of harm
Simone Tang, Ji Sok Choi

271 Managers give additional work to employees who like them more (vs. less)
Sangah Bae

3 Managing Conflict through Effective Mitigation by Multilateral Development Banks
Shahla Ali

84 Massive field quasi-experiments reveal inverted-U causal links between mood and prosocial decisions
David Daniels, Polly Kang

21 Meet the Journal Editors - Journal of Management Education & Management Teaching Review
Jennifer Leigh

63 Mentorship for Whom? Relational (vs. Traditional) Mentorship Frames Reduce Social Class Gaps in Mentorship
Kathy Vo, Andrea Dittmann

7 Messenger-Message Discordance: Who Speaks Up (and How) Matters in Advocating for Workplace Equality
Elizabeth Jiang, Sherry Jueyu Wu

48 Mirror, Mirror on My Screen: How Self-view affects Dishonest Behavior in Online Video Negotiations.
Yvette Woltman, Joris Demmers, Alfred Zerres

18 Misperceptions about Sensitive Topics and their Social Consequences
Einav Hart, Julia Bear, Zhiying (Bella) Ren, Trevor Spelman, Abdo Elnakouri , Nour Kteily , Eli Finkel , Jennifer E. Abel, Julian J. Zlatev, Lauren Eskreis-Winkler, Luiza Tanoue Troncoso Peres , Ayelet Fishbach , Yaoxi Shi, Michael Yeomans

113 Modeling Culture’s Influence on Emotion, Fixed Pie Bias, Mental Models, and Negotiation Outcomes: A U.S.-China Investigation
Meina Liu, Lin Zhu, Wu Liu, Jian-Dong Zhang

39 Moral Framing as a Double-Edged Sword for Motivating Majority Group Leaders to Support DEI Issues
McKenzie Preston

202 Moving from Diverse to Inclusive Workplaces: Organizational Claims Can Promote the Self-Selection of Inclusive Job Seekers
Michael White, Mabel Abraham, Sandra Matz

235 Multiple Anchor Points and Risk-Taking
Stefan Maric, Shelby Gai, Nicholas Hays

154 Navigating Communication Media: Online versus Face-to-Face Voice Solicitation and Employee Voice
Wen Feng, Fangzhou Liu, Chunying Dong, Yuhan Liu, Meiqi Jiao, Xinyuan Zhang

73 Navigating Minds: Perceiving Self-Awareness in Others
Kristina Wald, Shereen Chaudhry

10 Navigating the Unknown: Understanding the Complex Relationship between Humanitarian Aid and Civil Conflict
Julius Kaut

144 Negotiating Sustainability Transformations
Marco Schauer, Roman Trötschel, Caroline Heydenbluth, Brian Gunia, Julia Bear, Kai Zhang, Hillie Aaldering, Charlotte Vaassen, Kian Siong Tey, Vivianna Fang He, Roderick Swaab

160 Negotiating with a human-like AI agent
Horacio Falcao, Adrian Johnson

221 Negotiation on Rugged Landscapes: Explaining the Hidden Complexity that Drives Impasses
Nelberto Nicholas Quinto, Joshua Becker, Jonathan Atwell, Hart Posen, Cynthia Wang, Jennifer Whitson

146 Network Penalty: Unveiling the Perceptual Consequence of Using Your Network
Jennifer Lee, Hazel Lim, Andy Yap

180 New Perspectives on Gender Bias and Inequity in Organizations
Anyi Ma, Stav Atir, Jungwoo Ha, Margaret Ormiston, Elaine Wong, Zhiyu Feng, Yixin Tian, Abigail Collins, Chia-Jung Tsay, Ivuoma Onyeador, Felix Danbold, Clarissa Cortland, Zoe Kinias

44 Not all powerful people are created equal: An examination of gender and pathways to social hierarchy through the lens of social cognition
Charlotte Townsende, Sonya Mishra, Laura Kray

135 Not for me: People are less willing to help Asians who explicitly state their identity
Gloria Danqiao Cheng, Joyce He, Erika Kirgios

129 Not just the Two of Us: The Role of Emotions and Third Parties for Trust Repair
Jonathan Lee, Rachel Campagna

123 On the Effects of Socioeconomic Status on the Access to and Usage of AI in the Workplace
Emma Zhao, Mehran Bahmani

143 Opening Up the Negotiation with Inquiry or Disclosure: How Counterpart’s Information Seeking Versus Information revealing Impact Truth-telling and Offer-making in Negotiations
Han Li, Jingjing Yao, Zhi-Xue Zhang

30 Orchestrating AI-Human Harmony in Conflict Management Education
Kimberly O'Connor, Michael Kirchner

29 Organizational culture, leadership and employees' relational and task conflicts
Noa Nelson

217 Parties Beyond the Table: The Effects of External Parties’ Presence and Veto Right on Negotiators’ Decisions
Kai Zhang, Hong Zhang, Roman Troetschel

150 Passion Gaps Create Ethical Cracks: Lacking Desired Passion Is Associated With Increased Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior
Matt Lupoli, Jon Jachimowicz, Zach Brown, Joel Brockner, Adam Galinsky

149 Patrolling the Powerful: The Reputational Benefits of Third-Party Punishing Powerholders
Ena Inesi, William Fawson

269 Peace of Mind: How Implicit Self Theories Help Employees Make Peace with Self, Job, and Organization Across 26 Nations
Alexander Keogh, Jeff Bednar, Anthony Kagialis

248 People prefer to address inequalities by reducing disadvantage over advantage
David M. Munguia Gomez, Daniela Goya-Tocchetto, Megan Burns

12 Performance expectations and risk-taking: The differential effects of favorite, underdog, and wildcard statuses across competitive contexts
Cory Eisenhard, James Matusik, Rebecca Mitchell, Nicholas Hays, Lakshita Boora

145 Perspective-Taking Predicts Coalition Success in Low-Predictable Contexts but not in High-Predictable Contexts
Anabela Cantiani, Ilja Van Beest, Thorsten Erle

231 Physical and psychological costs of social class imprint at work: Role of organizations in explaining the socioeconomic status - health relationship
Sridhar Polineni, Pooja Mishra

37 Preferences for Honesty in Medical Communication Across Cultures
Zaijia Liu, Emma Levine, Karen Kim

220 Productively Engaging the Taiwan Strait Conflict: A Participatory Workshop
Qing Guan, Mu-Chiao Chiu, Quinton Huang

218 Prospect Under Pressure – Win-Lose Scenarios and the Impact of Deadlines in Renegotiations
Yannick Urbitsch, Tom Huhnke, Markus Voeth

122 Punishment by different entities shapes third parties’ forgiveness decisions
Sarah Jensen, Kristina Diekmann, Jesse Graham

120 Putting the “Us” in “Autonomous”: The Effects of Cooperation and Competition on Autonomy
Valentino Chai, Nir Halevy

92 Reactions to Electronic Communication After Work: The Roles of Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior
Xin Chen, Wei Si, Chu-Ding Ling

207 Redefining Gender Dynamics in Negotiation: Emerging Research and Implications
Nazli Bhatia, Noa Nelson, Alexandra Mislin, Julia Bear, Alice Lee

49 Redefining the Pursuit of Status: Investigating the Effects of Vertical Versus Horizontal Striving on Perceptions of Victimization
Jieun Pai, Yaoxi Shi

78 Reflective Adjournments Make for an Integrative Process
Xiaolin Lyu, Matt Lohmeyer, Daisung Jang

33 Refocusing the Conceptualization of the Colorblind Ideology: Implications for Hiring Bias in Ethnicity-salient and Nationality-salient Contexts
Melody Chao, Kevin Nanakdewa, Krishna Savani

5 Relational Defensiveness at Work: An Attachment Perspective
Jeffrey Yip, Dayna O.H. Walker

249 Relational Mobility Predicts Conversation Depth and Conversation Avoidance
Katherine Sun, Michael Slepian

25 Relinquishing Control: A Paradox Perspective on Downward Deference and Leadership Effectiveness
My Nguyen, Michael Schaerer

58 Resolving Work-Family Conflict in China: Humor Trumps Confidence in the Storm
Yue Zhang , Yutong Chen, Oluremi (Remi) Ayoko

161 Reverse the Curse of Failure: Learning Cues Increase Willingness to Seek (and Share) Failure Experiences
Xiawei Dong, Martha Jeong, Shaocong Ma

131 Roadblocks at the Intersection of Leader Gender and Relative Age: Why Feedback from Young Female Managers is Less Accepted
Julian Pfrombeck, Adam Galinsky

71 Safe but meek: Psychological safety and intrateam negotiations
Henrik Bresman, Brian Gunia

223 Self-disclosure in Unequal-power Dyads
Shuang Wu, Yidan Yin, Joseph Ocampo, Christopher Oveis, Pamela Smith

227 Sexual assault victims face a penalty for adjacent consent
Jillian Jordan, Roseanna Sommers

57 Silent Struggles: Asian Employees Experience More Exploitation at Work
Gloria Danqiao Cheng, Ji Woon Ryu

195 Sizing up Status: A typography & framework for understanding status signals
Zachariah Brown, Adam Galinsky

229 Smooth-Talking Bots: AI Negotiators Make Better Impressions
David Fang, Mohammed Alsobay, Abdullah Almaatouq, Jared Curhan

204 Social Class and Imposter Syndrome: Evidence across India and the U.S.
Pooja Mishra, Subhasree Basak, Sridhar Polineni

240 Social Class and Professional Networking
Gohar Harutyunyan

70 Social Dynamics of Norm Violations
Gerben van Kleef, Astrid Homan, Hemant Kakkar, Peter Jin, Zi Ye, Kelly Nault, Stefan Thau

212 Some Biases are WEIRDer than Others: Testing Canonical Behavioral Biases in Two Non-WEIRD Samples
Nicholas Calbraith Owsley, Narges Hajimoladarvish, Aditya Laumas

94 Spiritual Appeals Underperform Civic Appeals in Depolarizing Christian Partisans
James Chu, Yejin Park

245 Stepping into Newcomers’ Shoes : The Beneficial Effects of Leader’s Perspective-taking and Gratitude
Seola Kim, Sophia Miri Yoo, Michelle Duffy

56 Strategy but not Goal Determines Group Emotions Regulation Effectiveness
Yajun Cao, Amit Goldenberg

61 Stress and Sociocultural Learning: Individuals with More Stress-Reactive Physiologies are Quicker to Learn Diverse Sociocultural Norms from Experiential Feedback
Shilpa Madan, Krishna Savani, Desiree Phua, Ying-Yi Hong, Michael Morris

134 Structure— The Unwanted Ally: Perceptions and Preferences for Structured vs. Unstructured Tasks
Kelly Harrington, Loran Nordgren

115 Tackling Stigma through Trust: How Lack of Perceived Integrity Harms Trust of Individuals with Bipolar Disorder
Brad Bitterly, Lisa O'Donnell, Melvin McInnis

239 Teaching and Research in Negotiation and OB using AI
Niraj Kumar

Nancy Buchan, Leigh Anne Liu

Yejin Park, Gavin Kilduff

258 The benefits of uncivil leadership: Competitive incivility promotes organizational cohesion
Jeremy Yip, Maurice Schweitzer, Nir Halevy

242 The Caretaker Effect: How Seller Attachment Shapes Seller-Buyer Interactions
Alice Lee, Daniel Ames

35 The Compatibility of Equality and Harmony in Social Change: Joint Collective Action Reduces Intergroup Conflict and Polarisation between Gender Groups
Feiteng Long, Zi Ye, Lijuan Luo

165 The Contextual Effect of Grandiose Narcissism on Status Conflict in Groups
Wiley Wakeman, Randall Peterson, Yang Zhao

181 The Dark side of Self-Efficacy: Overconfidence Backfires in Native Language Negotiations
Adrian BARRAGAN DIAZ, Constanze Hermann, Rocio LOPEZ CABRERA

15 The Day After the War
Deborah Cai, Ifat Maoz, Samer Sinijlawi, Tsfira Grebelsky, Shahar Gindi, Michal Hisherik, Nehaya Awida Haj Yehya, Iris Yaniv, Gahl Silverman, Tali Ben Yehuda, Colleen Tolan

138 The Details Bring Us Closer: Mere Presence of Concrete Construal Promotes More Empathic Intergroup Perspective-taking Outcomes
Yiran Wang, Sarah Townsend

74 The Detrimental Effects of Men’s Concern About Appearing Positively Biased Toward Physically Attractive Women
Michelle Duguid, Ashleigh Rosette

236 The Failure to Recognize Anti-Asian Discrimination at Work
Sora Jun, Junfeng Wu, Dejun Tony Kong

130 The Hidden Dark Side of Prestige-Oriented Leadership: The Role of Approval Motive in Explaining Why Prestige-Oriented Leaders Receive More Unethical Requests
Ji Sok Choi

4 The influence of race and sexual orientation on negotiation outcomes for men
Edward Chang, Erika Kirgios, Julian Zlatev

173 The overdetermined outcome defense: Using and seeking happenstance events to justify bad intentions
Stephanie Lin, Julian Zlatev, Dale Miller

266 The paradox of task difficulty: Divergent effects on quitting versus effort in a five-year natural field experiment involving volunteers at a major nonprofit organization
Polly Kang, David Daniels

103 The Paradox of Team Conflict Revisited: An Updated Meta-Analysis of the Team Conflict–Team Performance Relationships
Zhenyu Yuan, Jingfeng Yin, Jiaqing Sun

27 The Politics of Minority Representation: Perceptions of Stereotype Portrayal Depend on Ideology
Elizabeth Jiang, Margaret Shih

17 The Role of AI Sentiment and Facial Emotion Variability in Humans’s Perception of AIs
Hanqiu Li, Katherine Qianwen Sun, Margaret Shih

179 The Shadow of the Past: Unveiled Undesirable Precedents Harm (Objective and Subjective) Negotiation Outcomes
Chao Wang, Katharina Schmid

2 The Three Minute Thesis (3MTTM) Competition for IACM 2024
Ming-Hong Tsai, Laura Rees, Jennifer Parlamis, Michael Gross, Deborah Cai

132 Tight Ships or Loose Cannons: How couples' approaches to domestic tasks shape gender differences in experiences at work
Kelly Harrington, Alexandra Feldberg, Kathleen McGinn

222 To Blame or to Apologize? Resolving a Conflict Requires Negotiating Over a Shared Reality
Eva Chen, Shereen Chaudhry

261 To Confess or Not to Confess: Do People Disclose Unethical Behavior to an Ethical Leader?
Hsuan-Che (Brad) Huang, Ruodan Shao

125 Too Hot to Handle: Unintended Consequences of Warm Negotiation Behavior
Leopold Ried, Brian Gunia, Maurice Schweitzer

250 Too Much or Too Little? The Effect of Frequency of Moral Communication on Perceptions of Leadership Ability
Kian Siong Tey, Roderick Swaab

215 Toxic University: Exploring Faculty Conflict in Higher Education Institutions through an Ecological Lens
Kristen Foltz, Theresa MacNeil, Stephen Kromka

172 Training Strategic Adaptability in Negotiation
Henrike Heunis, Niels Pulles, Ellen Giebels, Bas Kollöffel, Aldis G. Sigurðardóttir

203 Trust Dispersion in Teams: A Configural Model From a Temporal Perspective
Mingshuang Ji

184 Turkish Delight (Workshop on Cross-cultural Negotiations)
Maria Tomprou

98 Underdog Spanning: How and When Newcomers With Less Prestigious Status Employ Strategies of Upward Networking for Career Advancement
Wenming Deng, Yuchang Liang, Siyu Yu, Jiatan Chen, Ning Li

251 Understanding and improving managers’ influence strategies: Can managers leverage loss aversion as an influence tool?
David Daniels, E-Yang Goh

90 Understanding emotional expression in virtual communications at work: The role of expression means and expressor age
Jungmin Choi, Melody Chao

279 Understanding Employee Responses to Diverging AI Recommendations: Cognitive Appraisals and Consequent Behaviors
Olga Mondrus, Ilanit SimanTov Nachlieli

225 Understanding Loss: Investigating Disclosure of Loss at Work
Katelynn Boland, Modupe Akinola

Nancy Buchan, Anna Katherine Ward, Isis Olimpia Gutiérrez Martínez, Nasima Mohamed Hoosen Carrim , Sophia Jeong

219 Unsolicited Help and Face Threat: When and How Coworker Help Undermines Reciprocity
Chenqi Gao, Oliver Sheldon

124 Use of the Arrow of Time and the Criteria for Transmission of Cause Marks in Conflict Management in the Construction Industry

76 Veiled Vices of Verticality: How Hierarchical Structures Encourage Leniency to Misconduct and Perpetuate the Cycle of Misconduct
Siyu Yu , Jiyin Cao, Manju Ganti

109 Voice in Multi-Issue Ultimatum Bargaining
Nir Halevy, Valentino Chai, Jimena Ramirez Marin, Saumitra Jha, Michele Gelfand

112 When (False) Progress Backfires: How Past Contact with Women and Racial Minorities Influences Future Board Diversity
Jack Lin, Edward Chang, Erika Kirgios, Julia Hur

158 When Allyship Backfires: How Nonnative Accent and Disclosure Agent Affect Evaluations and Decisions in an Entrepreneurial Context
Yunzi (Rae) Tan, Regina Kim

147 When Expressing Pride Makes People Seem Less Competent
Rebecca Schaumberg

128 When shared suffering binds but also blinds: Women’s conditional belonging and gender exclusionary cultures in male-dominated professions
Joyce He, William Hall, Jacklyn Koyama, Sonia Kang

8 Where do the low performers go? Gender differences in managerial supervision of low-performing junior employees
Elizabeth Lauren Campbell, Ming Leung, Tingting Nian

80 White Americans’ Support for Class-Based Affirmative Action
Sora Jun, Peter Belmi

65 Why Use the NTR Peer Feedback Tool for Student Learning and Research
Holly Schroth

277 Witnessing Rudeness and Prosociality Toward Uninvolved Others: Roles of Empathetic-Concerns and Personal Distress
Ido Zigdon, Dorit Efrat-Treister, Coby Morvinski

110 Work-Life Faultlines: Perceptions of Unfairness and Social Exclusion as Micro-Mediating Processes, and the Moderating Roles of Gender and Status Perceptions
Julia Bear, Xing Liu, Sherry Thatcher

280 Workshop: Using Video Analysis to Accelerate Student Learning
Lucy Montgomery, Cynthia Wang, Stephen Humphrey, Jennifer Whitson

247 You're getting colder: White Americans decrease warmth presentation to high status Black individuals
Arielle Lewis, Cydney Dupree, Erika Hall

117 Your ground is my ground - The measurement of Common Ground in negotiations
Florian Mehlhase, Uta Herbst


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