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IACM 2024


Please review the entire form before starting to fill it out to ensure you have all the required information. Please note that SYMPOSIA require additional inputs to ensure that program information is accurately displayed.

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If you have not yet done so, please refer to the IACM Submission Guidelines prior to submitting. All submissions will be subject to blind review. Full paper and extended abstract submissions will be double-blind and all other formats single-blind review and should maintain their identifying information within the submitted paper. Submissions should adhere to the style guidelines described in the American Psychological Association Publication Manual, the Chicago Manual of Style, The Academy of Management Style Guide, or another style relevant to your field.

File size limit is 64MB.
Please provide us with a brief description of 100 words or less regarding how this submission relates specifically to the field of conflict management.
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To help match submissions to reviewers and sessions, please select the area(s) most applicable to your submission

Submission Format

The "Teaching/Experiential Session" is dedicated specifically toward the post-IACM teaching program that will take place on the afternoon of June 26.
Full Paper & Extended Abstract Submissions Only
We are anticipating IACM 2024 in Singapore to be a large conference. However, IACM's programming structure only allows for so many 'full' sessions. Being open to alternative session types assist the conference program and its authors in being able to provide a greater number of opportunities to participate in the conference.

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Note that it is customary for at least one author from each submission to register as a reviewer so that we have a sufficient number of reviewers.

List ALL authors/presenters below and not only facilitators of a session. This is particularly critical for symposia.
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