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IACM 2023

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Survival of The Flattest: Team Status Differentiation Influences How Negative Performance Feedback Impacts High-Status Member Addition and Team Performance

Integrating research on hierarchy and team membership change, we argue that a less hierarchical team is more effective at dealing with negative performance feedback because they are more likely to bringing in high-status new members. Consequently, addition of high-status new members may facilitate team performance, especially for teams that face high goal complexity. We tested and confirmed their predictions using longitudinal data from 5,299 teams in a major social networking company. This study contributes to the burgeoning discussion on the interplay between past performance and hierarchy as well as the literature on team membership change.

Yufei Zhong
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States

Huisi (Jessica) Li
Scheller College Of Business
United States

Xirong (Subrina) Shen
University of Texas at Austin
United States

Jizhen Li
Tsinghua University


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