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IACM 2023

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Beyond Gender In Negotiation: Perceived Sexual Orientation and Negotiated Outcomes

To test our predictions, we employ a multi-method research strategy. First, we conduct an experiment involving a face-to-face negotiation during a diversity event in an MBA program. Next, we run a large-scale audit study in an online market (Craigslist) within the U.S., manipulating the gender and perceived sexual orientation of buyers via their email signatures. Third, we conduct an experiment in which Masters students at a business school act as sellers of a used camera on Craigslist and negotiate with a potential buyer. In addition to replicating the moderating effect of sexual orientation on outcomes; results in this study examined the hypothesized mechanism, dominance perceptions. Fourth, we replicate Study 3’s findings in a non-U.S. context (India), using a different manipulation of homosexuality. Fifth and finally, we conduct a face-to-face audit study in an open bazaar in southern India and find largely consistent results.

Sreedhari Desai
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
United States

Brian Gunia
Johns Hopkins University
United States


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