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IACM 2023

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Tiktok_#save_sheikh_jarrah: Strategies of Activism and Resistance To Violence

Since the outbreak of protests in the Arab world in 2011, digital platforms have received widespread attention due to their capabilities to promote local and global protests, in tandem with a growing critique of the dark side associated with the high tracking capabilities they promote. This article examines the ways of expressing resistance and activism in TikTok during recent events in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood located in East Jerusalem. Being the least censored social network, Tiktok became the leading platform for producing and distributing news, resistance, and activism concerning Sheikh Jarrah’s struggle. By using a qualitative content analysis of 244 videos tagged under #____________________ , #Sheikhjarrah, #Savesheikhjarrah; we mapped four strategies indicating patterns of identification and activism of Palestinian users and their supporters: 1.Explanation, 2. Documentation 3. Trends, 4. Mockery. These strategies intertwine into a broader story that offers a personal resistance, allowing individuals to contribute to the Palestinian struggle according to their hobbies and capabilities. Therefore, creating a larger story while using specific hashtags and #To_Saves_Sheikh_Jarrah.

Maya de Vries
Hebrew University


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