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IACM 2023

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Using The Itpmetrics Conflict Management Styles Instrument For Student, Faculty, and Staff Development

I have created and gather psychometric and validity data for a conflict management styles assessment that maps to the Dual Concern Model and the 5 styles associated with it: Avoiding, Accommodating, Integrating, Dominating, and Compromising. Reliability data are moderate to strong, as are factor structures in two samples of ~1,000 respondents each. The assessment is programmed into, and is free for anyone to use, with funding from my research grants (my platform has approximately 600,000 respondents across all assessments). I will discuss how instructors may use the platform for student development and even faculty development initiatives, as well as the reliability and validity evidence I have collected for my survey items. I will also discuss qualitative data from respondents and their experience with my debrief from a sample of over 1,000 engineering design students. I will provide an experiential opportunity; specifically, respondents will be invited to take the assessment, receive their personalized report in, and participate in a debriefing exercise. The objective is to equip instructors with the ability to deliver this end-to-end experience in their classes, where self-awareness of conflict management styles may be beneficial, and for group-based classes where team building may be beneficial. The lessons learned could generalize to faculty and staff development as well.

Thomas ONeill
University of Calgary


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