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IACM 2023

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Exploring The Effects of Conflict Adaptivity: A Dynamic Model

Conflict is an inherent part of organizational life. It is a dynamic process that occurs through the interactions of parties over time and across organizational levels as individuals work to resolve their differences (Korsgaard et al., 2008). Yet, the conflict field is still developing methods to model and research these multi-level processes (Cronin & Bezrukova, 2019; Cronin & Vancouver, 2019). The goal of this research is to lay out a multi-level dynamic model to further explore conflict processes on teams. Research on adaptivity by Coleman, Kugler and Kim (Coleman & Kugler, 2014; Kim, et al, 2021) is used as the foundation for a dynamic model. Conflict adaptivity - using different strategies in distinct situations - and its effect on individual, dyadic and team level outcomes is then explored using agent-based simulation.

Christine Straw
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Columbia University
United States

Nancy Lewis

United States


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