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IACM 2023

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Removing Barriers For Disability At Workplace Based On Inclusive Leadership: A Case Study Including Employees With Severe Mental Illness

People with severe mental illness have limited access to work opportunities compared to other colleagues without disabilities or even different ones, despite the negative implications not only for their well-being, but also for their identity, economic situation, and socialization. The aim of this research is to understand which factors may facilitate the effective inclusion of people with severe mental illness at work. In this qualitative case study, we explore a social enterprise whose purpose is indeed promoting the integration of this collective, focusing on three organizational factors: relationship between coworkers, the role of leaders and an inclusive climate. Results highlight that an inclusive leadership style plays an essential role, fostering trust and psychological safety, necessary for the development of their skills in a safe environment, eliminating stigma and discrimination, helping to reduce possible conflicts and, ultimately, creating an inclusive climate. Practical implications and future research lines are also discussed.

Rocío López-Cabrera
University of Seville

Alicia Arenas
University ofSeville

Euwema Martin
KU Leuven

Francisco J. Medina
University of Seville


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