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IACM 2023

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Negotiation Skills: Individual Or Organisational Matter? The Case of Eu Institutions

Starting from the seminal work of Borbely & Caputo (2017) on negotiation at organisational level, the paper identifies five different critical areas of individual and organisational performance ( A- diagnosis of the challenges, preparation and planning; B - negotiation at the table, C - implementation of the deal, D - evaluation of the performance and capitalisation of good practices). In the second part the paper will present the first-hand results of an extensive questionnaire that was built to explore the individual and organisational performance throughout the five negotiation phases and that was administered to a more than 100 EU officials working and negotiating in the EU institutional framework (European Commission, European Council, European External Action Service). The paper will conclude by presenting how the questionnaire could be used to build a NEGOTIATION CAPABILITY INDEX FOR ORGANISATIONS and help measuring the level of proficiency and effectiveness of an organization's negotiation processes and identify the major individual and organisational challenges to performance in negotiation.

francesco marchi
Sciences Po - Paris, College of Europe


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