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IACM 2023

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The Correlation Between Preferred Negotiation Channels and Conflict Management Styles In The Age of Hybrid Work

COVID -19 is the first significant digital age opportunity to explore the impact of Hybrid Work on Online Negotiations. This case study examines correlations between preferred negotiation management channels and conflict style in a High-Tech environment. Two synchronous negotiating channels were examined: I. In Person Negotiations [IPN] II. Synchronous Computer-Mediated Negotiations [SCMN] The study included quantitative content analysis for survey questions anonymously answered by executive employees. Findings show a significantly positive correlation between collaborating and IPN preference, as opposed to a negative correlation between the accommodating style and IPN preference. A positive correlation was found between compromising and SCMN while a negative correlation was found between the competing and SCMN. No significant correlation was found between preference to conduct IPN or SCMC and the other styles. A broader follow-up study is proposed, with the aim of helping organizations map their workforce in accordance with personal conflict management style.

Orna Kopolovich
HIT Holon Institute of Technology


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