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IACM 2023

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A Roundtable Discussion of Emerging Trends And directions For Conflict and Group/team Research (table A)

This Roundtable Discussion is aimed for the researcher who may want to conduct conflict research on groups/teams and for researcher who already does and who would like some ideas/direction on where to next take their current research. We have four international esteemed interdisciplinary group/team scholars who will highlight theory, research, methodologies, and technologies that open new doors for us. In our Roundtable we will talk about (1) some tools that may facilitate the often painful process of analyzing the behavioral data that best captures emergent processes and phenomena in groups, AI tools such as: FaceReader (, Praat (, LIWC (Linguistic Inquiry & Word Count:, and THEME (; (2) team conflict management strategies when conflict is not a shared experience; (3) the efficacy of focusing on intrapersonal dynamics—how individuals perceive and interpret what is occurring in a conflict episode, which affects their reactions and subsequent behavior; and (4) ‘Where ideas come from?’ the motivation from the direct experiences you encounter and ‘Questions to ask yourself’ moving from an initial spark of curiosity to a research direction.

Michael Gross
Colorado State University
United States

Mary Waller
Colorado State University
United States

Randall Peterson
London Business School
United Kingdom

Laurie Weingart
Carnegie Mellon
United States

Etty Jehn
Melbourne Business School


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