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IACM 2023

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Language Strategies In International Conflict Management: A Framework For Dynamic Conflict De-Escalation

Managing conflicts, especially among employees with different language backgroungs, is a critical yet often overlooked function of international management. In this paper, we build on literatures outside of typical management and organizational study domains (international business, conflict management, linguistics, psychology) to synthesize research streams, propose a conceptual framework for dynamic conflict de-escalation, and suggest future research directions and managerial implications. We elucidate language differences as both a disruptive force and a tool for promoting cooperation. This study contributes to current conflict management and international management literature by uncovering language-related mechanisms shaping a destructive negative conflict at the dyad, group, and organization levels, by suggesting strategies to transform destructive negative conflicts to positive constructive ones.

Elena Poliakova
IESEG School of Management

Leigh Anne Liu
Georgia State University
United States

Edward Miles
Georgia State University
United States


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