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IACM 2023

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Novel Session: Negotiation, Identity, and Justice:pathways To Agreement

The proposed novel session considers implications for research and practice from the new career book titled "Negotiation, Identity, and Justice: Pathways to Agreement" authored by Daniel Druckman. The five-person panel, consisting of senior and more junior scholars, will develop key ideas discussed in the book. In particular, the panelists will look back at links to classical ideas in the social sciences and forward to new research themes. The audience will participate by relating this kind of career to their own academic and practice aspirations. This is a career inspired by numerous IACM colleagues.

Daniel Druckman
George Mason University
United States

Bruce Barry
Vanderbilt University
United States

Nimet Beriker
Columbia University
United States

Peter Carnevale
University of Southern California
United States

William Donohue
Michigan State University
United States

Laura Rees
Oregon State University
United States


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