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IACM 2023

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Transforming Narratives For Effective Negotiation

We approach our negotiations with confidence and trepidation all at the same time. In an ideal scenario we prepare well and manage our emotions during the flow of the negotiation to reach our desired outcomes. We follow-up afterwards to ensure that whatever we agreed to is carried through to its completion. However, there are dynamics that enter into the equation, which may be triggering for us and throw us off course. We may not be able to identify what those triggers are or why they derail us from staying our course and coming out with our desired outcomes. We may engage in self-talk that questions our intentions and actions, we may try to boost ourselves up to give us more fortitude, or we may have thoughts of doubt that swim around in our heads. These stories about who we are as negotiators come from somewhere. In this workshop we will use a model to uncover the different influences in our lives that feed into the narrative we have of who we are as negotiators. We will look at pivotal moments in our lives in our social context, family system, and workplace context, that all co-create our personal narratives. We will identify which of those stories are generative and support us in achieving our goals. We will also identify the stories that get in our way and block us from moving forward. Techniques on how to transform these unhelpful stories into healthier and more constructive narratives will be offered.

Beth Fisher-Yoshida
Columbia University
United States


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