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IACM 2023

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Lessons from Practice: Extensions of Current Negotiation Theory and Research (S19)

Monday, 10 July 2023
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Amfitrion II

Negotiation is in essence a practical skill. We identified the need to increase the number of academic contributions related to negotiation practice. The goal of this symposium is to identify the areas in which research informs the practice, as well as areas in which the practice calls for theoretical developments. The five papers included in this symposium illustrate different ways in which practice can help academics extend the current theory. For example, describing how the predictions made by current theories can inform the practice, adapting and applying hostage negotiation principles to everyday negotiations, or testing the limits of current theories by adding external constraints and dependencies between and within negotiation issues. These examples can help academic reflect on the limits of the current theories, they can also help teachers illustrate the relationship between theory and practice, and finally they can be useful to practitioners that face uncertainty and can base interventions in theoretical predictions. The symposium will be facilitated by practitioners and academics.

Symposium Organizers: Jimena Ramirez Marin, IESEG School of Management; Dan Druckman, George Mason University, Macquaire University and University of Queensland; William Donohue, Michigan State University

From Theory to Practice and Back Again: Lessons from Hostage Negotiation for Conflict Management
Deborah Cai, Temple University)
Working Together: Bridging the Researcher-Practitioner Gap.
William Donohue, Michigan State University
Daniel Druckman, George Mason University, Macquaire University and University of Queensland
What Do You Expect?: Assessing Whether a Situation is “Ripe” for Collaborative Governance
Michael Kern, Michael Kern Consulting, Washington State University, and University of Washington
Amanda Murphy, William D. Ruckelhaus Center
When Control Does Not Pay Off: The Dilemma Between Trade-off Opportunities and Budget Restrictions in B2B Negotiations
Michel Mann, Leuphana University
Marco Warsitzka, Leuphana University
Hong Zhang, Leuphana University
Joachim Hüffmeier, TU Dortmund University
Roman Trötschel, Leuphana University
A Turning Points analysis of Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition Negotiations
Yadvinder Rana, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Edinburgh Business School
Daniel Druckman, George Mason University, Macquaire University, and University of Queensland
Jesus Canduela, Edinburgh Business School


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