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IACM 2023

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Pluralizing Gender’s Barriers and Boosts: Intersections with Race and Age (S15)

Tuesday, 11 July 2023
11:00am - 12:30pm

Amfitrion II

U.S. demographics are rapidly becoming older and more racially diverse. Given these changes, studying how gender interacts with other social categories (i.e. intersectionality) is critical to understanding how gender impacts women in American today. This symposium brings together five presentations that adopt an intersectional perspective on gender in the United States, revealing pluralities based on race and age in gender’s barriers and boosts to getting ahead. The speakers present evidence that gender’s influence on how people evaluate each other, how they offer help, and who gets promoted is not monolithic; rather, gender insects with race and age to influence important outcomes. Presentations 1 and 2 examine how race shapes positive and negative perceptions of women who conform to gender stereotypes. Presentations 3-5 focus on gendered evaluations and outcomes in professional settings, exploring the mutual influence of gender and race (Presentations 4 and 5), and gender and age (Presentation 5). Taken together, this work shows how factors such as race and age intersect with a person’s gender to influence the burdens and boosts they face in social and professional spaces.

Symposium Organizer: Amelia Stillwell, University of Utah

Gender Norms Uphold Whites’ Racial Boundaries
Amelia Stillwell, University of Utah
Gendered Helping, Hierarchy Maintenance, and Race
Vivian Xiao
The Darkside of Diversity Highlighting? Consequences of Disproportionate Visibility of Women and Racial Minority Nobel Laureates
Gloria Cheng, UCLA Anderson School of Management
The Characteristics and Identities that Shape Perceptions of Diversity Expertise
Rebecca Ponce De Leon, Columbia Business School
The Gender License Gap: Gendered Barriers in the Engineering Licensing Process
Joyce He, UCLA Anderson School of Management


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