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IACM 2022

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Grey Zone Conflict and its Impact on International Negotiations

This novel session brings together negotiation and security experts in an interdisciplinary format session to build on previous (remote) interactions and an in-person Montreal meeting among these experts days before the IACM session, to discuss 8 test cases involving different forms of hybrid warfare gambits which we have developed. Participants are members of Project Seshat, a multinational effort to study and respond to the problem of grey zone conflict using a negotiation perspective. Our central focus is on dealings of all kinds between Western organizations and ostensibly private entities and actors that may be controlled by hostile, anti-democratic governments. This multidisciplinary session will focus on the outcomes of the Montreal meeting. Attendees will be invited to discuss lessons, missing theories, and practical advice about the cases based on their own research and experiences, to enrich the work of the Seshat teams.

Christopher Honeyman
United States

Barney Jordaan
Vlerick Business School

Andrea Kupfer Schneider
United States


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