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IACM 2022

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Behavioral antecedents and consequences of (dis-)honesty in negotiation

Dishonest behavior is highly pervasive in negotiation. However, most research studied dishonest behavior by focusing on indifference or common-value issues in the negotiation interaction. Moreover, honesty was reduced to the absence of dishonesty. In the present research, we study dishonest and honest behavior more comprehensively by focusing on entire negotiation interactions. By means of lag sequential analysis, we analyze 51 videotaped and coded integrative negotiations. Thereby, we aim at understanding which behaviors promote and inhibit acts of dishonesty and honesty and how the subsequent interaction is affected by dishonest and honest behaviors. These findings will provide a more comprehensive understanding of (dis-)honesty in negotiation. We will derive practical implications on the application and management of dishonesty and honesty in the context of integrative negotiations.

Elisabeth Jäckel
University of Amsterdam

Alfred Zerres
University of Amsterdam

Joachim Hüffmeier
TU Dortmund University


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