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IACM 2022

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Integrating wisdom principles to manage contemporary problems

To adaptively manage contemporary global problems, from political and pseudoscientific misinformation to the looming negative consequences of the pandemic, researchers are turning to the concept of wisdom for insight. Thought processes associated with wisdom—intellectual humility, contextualism, perspectivism, and dialecticism—help people avoid bias and imbalanced reactions in favor of adaptive and ethical ones. Now, new investigations are testing practical applications of wisdom-related psychological processes to manage complex societal challenges. This symposium brings together experts on wise thought processes to share innovative research applying wisdom-based practical interventions to manage real life challenges of fighting misinformation, bridging political divides, and promoting intergroup tolerance. Finally, this symposium will shed light on how wise thought processes are reflected in experts’ reasoning about potential challenges of the post-pandemic world.

Anna Dorfman
Bar Ilan University

Justin Brienza
University of Queensland

Karina Schumann
University of Pittsburgh
United States

Curtis Puryear
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
United States

Melody Chao
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Hong Kong

Igor Grossmann
University of Waterloo


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