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IACM 2022

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Is There More to In-Person Than to Online Negotiation Teaching? Effectiveness of In-Person versus Online Negotiation Teaching for Practitioners

Negotiation courses have mostly been taught in-person. However, online education has become more prevalent over the past decade due to its flexibility, cost and time efficiency, and new digital technologies. This raises the question whether negotiation courses taught online are as effective as those taught in-person. Past research on negotiation teaching has focused on pedagogy and course design. The few studies that examined teaching modality effect on student performance have found mixed results, are over five years old and only used student samples. To contribute to this discussion, we conduct a practitioner’s study to examine whether online or in-person teaching is more effective for teaching negotiation skills to experienced negotiators. The research findings provide insights into the more effective negotiation teaching modality for practitioners.

Patricia Oehlschläger
University of Potsdam, Negotiation Academy Potsdam

Michael A. Merz
San José State University
United States


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