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IACM 2022

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Agreement Fluidity Mindset: Impact on Contract Extensiveness and Information Search

While most negotiation research assumes that negotiations end with a formal agreement, we argue that agreements are sometimes changed and revised and that negotiators vary in whether they expect changes, due to culture, industry experience, or individual differences. Those with a Fixed Agreement Mindset expect that the deal will not change, while those with a Fluid Agreement Mindset expect that a deal may well change. Those with a more fixed mindset have higher contract anxiety – concern to get the agreement exactly right – resulting in writing more extensive contracts and engaging in more information search during negotiations. This framework, supported in five studies, brings into view a major element of the negotiation process, and opens new avenues for research.

Ray Friedman
Vanderbilt University
United States

Wu Liu
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

William Bottom
Washington University
United States

Michele Gelfand
Stanford University
United States

Robin Pinkley
Southern Methodist University
United States


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