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IACM 2022

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When the leader leaves: Building and maintaining interorganizational social capital in international affairs

Relationships are the grease in the wheels of international conflict management, but they exist in a system in which change in leadership is common. This research explores how important external relationships are built and maintained when a leader transitions into a new role in international affairs. The research builds on literature in interpersonal relations, interorganizational relations, international relations, social capital, and leadership transitions. It is an exploratory study employing interviews, surveys, and archival data. The data analysis includes deductive pattern-matching based on propositions as well as an inductive approach. The results indicate that relationship building patterns in this context are similar to but also expand patterns expected based on existing literature. The results highlight important areas for individuals and organizations to consider in the context of leadership transitions in international affairs, such as how to best identify instrumental relationships, leverage existing relationships, and encourage relationship generosity rather than relationship hoarding.

Aimee Lace
Teachers College, Columbia University
United States


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