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IACM 2022

IACM 2022 Abstract Book

70 Aggregated Negotiation Controlling: Proposing the Concept of a Negotiation Dashboard
Magdalena Kasberger, Yi Li, Uta Herbst

100 Beyond prepared: A multi study investigation of how fostering negotiator resilience mitigates identity threat effects
Brooke Gazdag, Mara Olekalns, Matthias Weiss, Martin Hoegl

133 Cross-Cultural Optimality: Navigating Tensions between Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches
Lan Phan, Peter Coleman

102 Disputes resolution in public projects for building social infrastructure in a developing country: Applicability of IRP model for capacity building
Tetsushi Okumura

150 Do Subgroups Harm or Help?: A Triad Pathway Model of Group Splits
Jamie Perry, Katerina Bezrukova, Chester Spell

120 Investigating Mind Types for Preventing Conflict and Promoting Peace in the Middle East
Peter Coleman, Rebecca Mandelbaum, Victoria Fitzgerald, Sawsan Eskander

84 Media Representation of Gender-based Violence Using a Multimodal Discourse Approach for Understanding, Reframing and Transforming Conflict
Godfrey A. Steele

92 Modeling Avoidance of Interpersonal Conflicts: Predictors and Moderators
Jessica Hample, Dale Hample

104 Negotiating the Birth Plan
Noa Sheer

138 Prospect Theory in Social Conflict: How Framing Affects Decision Outcomes
Colleen Tolan, Deborah Cai

81 The Strategic Adaptable Negotiator
Henrike Fitschen, Aldis Sigurdardottir, Bas Kolloffel, Ellen Giebels

103 The voice of the negotiator
Tina Dudenhöffer, Alfred Zerres, Joachim Hüffmeier

145 Weather to Help: How Sunlight (and the Stock Market) Influence Prosocial Behavior
Polly Kang, David Daniels, Maurice Schweitzer


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