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Virtual IACM 2021

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Workshop: Writing reproducible APA-style manuscripts in R

During this workshop, participants will learn how to write reproducible APA-style manuscripts in R, using the R package 'papaja' (preparing APA journal articles).

First, I will give a brief introduction to dynamic scientific reports. Dynamic scientific reports are documents that combine code, output (including tables and figures), and writing. In addition, using dynamic reports, the results of data analyses are directly embedded into the document and changes in analyses will be automatically reflected in the document. Dynamic scientific reports can be used to reproduce your analyses, collaborate and share code with others, and communicate your results with others.

There are several benefits of writing your manuscript in R: It is less error-prone (no transcription or rounding error), less time consuming (no copy-pasting), more dynamic (code revisions are automatically reflected in the manuscript), more reproducible, and more transparent.

After providing a brief introduction to dynamic scientific reports and their benefits, I will give a tutorial with two components: 1) an introduction to RMarkdown and 2) an introduction to papaja. Special attention will be given to formatting, inserting statistical output (using in-line code), and inserting citations. All handouts and slides will be provided through the Open Science Framework (see, for example,

Shilaan Alzahawi
Stanford University
United States


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